Guests have more permissions

Should guests able to post and like.

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I don't feel like it's fair that guests aren't allowed to post. Well you might think they will do SPAM if that happens just let the guest post 1 message or thread per day. Does that sound fair?
And allow them to like our messages.


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We would seriously, seriously open ourselves up to the spam bots if we did this. It's a problem even with forced registration. Restricting to one a day is meaningless to bots.


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We actually get bot attempts constantly, they keep using the support form and we get daily spams as that is the only thing you do not need an account to do. We actually have a method of feedback that does not require an account in stomt however as we have been working on leafcutters this has gone a little neglected.


Here an idea. If not already put into place you could add a timer which prevents people to send more than one support request within 15-30 Minutes. If people really need two support tickets than they can also wait those 15 minutes. ;)
Trust me. Many people go out of their way to write yet another crappy ticket for the same exact issue over and over. Just to annoy you. xD