How about adding a meme mode?


When I read the off topic earlier I had a random and probably crazy idea. How about adding a meme mode. Basically turning some of the sounds into memes. For example when your queen dies, the coffin dance meme plays, either by sound or as a visual random gag where some ants appear and pick up the queen in a coffin, carring it away. Or depending on what mission (2-1 for example) when an ant or a group of ants drowns in the water it would be funny to have the following audio play.
Would be pretty funny to be honest or at least a wack and crazy change.

Here some more ideas.

When you played a map for the X th time and you uncover a bunch of enemies the narrator says "There are intruder's lose in the nest..." that you get the option to play the sound "You don't say".

Would be some extra work I know but it would be something different for sure. :p