How about Slug Disco make their own discord server?

Here's the thing is that everyone can join the discord server so they can chat, discussions, share some advice for ant keeper or talking about the fun fact about the ant. It would be really helpful for the game and gaining more ideas and inspiration for the studio or u can get some help from people who playing the game as an expert on the server. Nowadays everyone use discord and it's popular for gaming, streaming and chatting in the community. :DD


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Community Manager
Yeah it's a bit much at the moment. I'm the community manager but I'm only part time and I have quite a bit on my plate along with a day job, and if the guys have to look after a Discord when I'm not there that eats into their development time.

As mentioned, all feedback is read, but not all replied to for the above reasons. We're fine with people setting up an unofficial Discord if they like as long as they make it clear it's not official.