in 4.1 and 4.2 army and trapjaw ants.

Hello developers, I've been playing empires of the undergrowth for at least a year and have watched the developments of the leaf cutters and I have to ask. are the army and trap-jaws the next ants we get to play with and potentially add to our formicarium's, battalion? I noticed that the Army ants had the ability to make nearby ants a lot stronger as well as themselves. so is the next big update in going to be around them and the trapjaws? and will the trapjaws have the ability to instantly stun a insect upon their first bite? if you see this, please reply to this message. thank you for your time. Robert Quick


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We might add a way to add these respective ants to the formicarium (perhaps side missions to unlock them) but they're very unlikely to get their own fully-fledged levels. Army ants don't fit into our underground system very well since they don't build nests (they literally just mass together to form a bivouac for a while) and whilst trapjaws are more traditional on this front, they're already in the game and we want to add more stuff.

The guys are having a big decision-making meeting soon and once that's done with, we'll announce what the next species will be.