June 2019 Newsletter - Next Ants


Beta Tester
I'd guess it's probably either Solenopsis invicta (red imported fire ant), geminata (red tropical fire ant), richteri (black imported fire ant) or xyloni (southern fire ant).
The thief ant species like Solenopsis molesta or Solenopsis fugax would be so ridiculously small they'd just be a few pixels long (although I'd really love to see them as a special ability in the game one day).
Here's hoping they get to be in the Sonoran Desert, AKA my backyard. Seriously, there are SO many critters they could go up against - black widows, scorpions, baby gila monsters, the possibilities are ENDLESS!


Extremely Helpful Person
They're probably going to be in some sort of rainforest, they said solenopsis, I believe, which is native to South America.
Most Solenopsis sp. are invasive and live anywhere tropical enough. Lot of possibility for setting, from indoor to garden/park to many kinds of forest. S. invicta species is most likely chosen I think.
I knew It!:cool:

Maybe we can get a war of the invasive species. Pharao Ants, Argentine Ants, Yellow Crazy Ants or Black Crazy Ants could be our foes. Plus all of these species can have multiple Queens, to make it harder wiping out their nests. Just a idea.
Well, they are small spieces, I think it'll be Bull Ant for next campaign but we'll see.