(Linux) Major graphical corruption

First and foremost, awesome job, fun game!. The kid loves it :)


The issue at hand is as shown in the screen shots. That kind of corruption can also happen inside the nest, not just outside. But it happens much more often on the outside. Often graphics look fine inside the nest, but not always. Sometimes it is less overwhelming than those screenshots, but the issues still show in some areas.

System Info:
OS: Gentoo Linux
GPU: Vega 64
CPU: Ryzen 1700x

The software stack is basically Steam runtime, with an up to date steam client, running on latest or at least pretty recent opensource stack. Running on Xorg server, mesa 18.3.1, etc. Compiled with up to date toolchain (gcc 8.2.0). The PC is fine and I have no reason to suspect there's any hardware issue.

The game did not have this issue some months ago. It only started showing, iirc, after the update to 0.135 and the introduction of freeplay mode.


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Thanks for the report - shall pass it on to our Linux guy Matt. The engine version has changed recently so it's likely something to do with that.

Make sure your drivers are up-to-date as a first step, if so we'll look into it further.
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Thank You.
Yes, the drivers are up to date. Mesa 18.3.1 is pretty recent. And so is everything else in the system. Matt can ask any particular package version if he wants, or he can check here: https://packages.gentoo.org/. Whatever shows keyworded for ~amd64 is the version I'm using since I update the packages daily and this is kind of a rolling release distro.
Kernel is on 4.19.10 at this time, but I see 4.19.11 was released today. Will update it soon.
On the topic of drivers, it seems that mine are not up to date, even though they are a higher number than what is recommended.