Major glitch: Enemies Getting Stuck


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I moved my posts from "No narration on 2.1 and free play" topic here to create a separate topic for them.

There is another major bug I encountered, and I think it has already been reported, but I'll mention it anyway. During the formicarium challenge 1, enemy ants, starting off with one of the waves of Formica ereptor, became stuck at my nest entrance, and all of my ants wouldn't move.

I think there was one or a few bugged enemies that were stuck inside the ground of my nest holes, and because they were stuck in the ground when my army aggroed on them, my army got stuck. I couldn't place a new pheromone or delete the pheromone to get them to move, but when I disabled attack, they probably deaggroed and they would move. Eventually, there was a single formica ereptor enemy visibly stuck inside the ground in my nest entrance. I disabled attack and put the pheromone right on top of him, and then enabled my attack and one of my ants was close enough to kill it. After it died, my army moved normally again. This kept happening with the waves that followed.

In the final wave, all of the enemies except for a couple enemy ants, a single beetle larva, and a single adult beetle entered my nest. The rest was completely stuck at the top, right next to my nest entrance. I was able to kill them by simply placing my pheromone at the top, but after my ants attacked the enemies in their range, they got stuck too. To clear out the area I had to disable attack, move my army, and then enable attack when they were right on top of the enemies in order to kill them.

Note that the narration and win cutscene were working perfectly. After the cutscene, the food dropped in as normal, and my ants gathered food from the dead insects, except for one. There seemed to be a dead adult devil's coach horse beetle in the middle of my three nest holes that was apparently being harvested from by two ants. Three of my ants, two soldiers, and one worker, were stuck, inside one of my nest holes. I suspected they were the ones who were supposed to be gathering meat, but they wouldn't move at all, and they wouldn't move when I disabled and enabled gather food and attack enemies. Therefore there was a carcass that was not harvestable from, and it would probably remain there until I quit the game.

I'm not sure where these glitches came from, but maybe something was changed when free play mode was introduced, because in free play sometimes when reloading a new save, your ants when you tell them to go to the surface, will get stuck in the nest holes. They'll visibly be above ground if you toggle health bars, but they'll be in the area beneath the nest entrance. To solve this the player must place the pheromone back underground, and then back to the surface. After doing this once or twice they'll begin moving from underground to the surface at normal speed. This bug won't happen again until you quit and reload the save.

This is all on mac.


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Adding on, I have a few similar glitches to report about free play mode.

First, a minor glitch, but on wave 5, some wolf spiders spawned, and while the movement speed and attack was fine, their legs wouldn't play their walking animation.

The main bugs I'm here about are similar to my post above. On wave 9, insects began to get stuck by my nest entrance. On wave 9, only four wood ants got stuck, and it wasn't a big deal. Something I noted is that when the bugs got stuck in my formicarium, my army would get stuck too and wouldn't respond to pheromones unless their attack was disabled. This didn't seem to be the case here.

On wave 10, it became a much bigger problem. All of the ants that spawned entered the nest normally (maybe one or two ants got stuck that I missed). All of the 10-20 small tiger beetles that spawned got stuck, all of the small/medium wolf spiders that spawned got stuck, and the uber devil's coach horse beetle got stuck.

This glitch, which happens around at wave 9-10 of free play mode and formicarium challenge 1 (I haven't seen whether it affects formicarium challenge 2, but I'm guessing it does), sort of ruins the gameplay. In free play mode, it actually becomes easier to beat the wave. In waves 1-8 of that playthrough for me, I felt excited about what the next wave might be, and that kept me playing. I was anticipating the uber creature entering my nest with a wave of enemies at wave 10, but it ended up getting stuck with the majority of the other enemies and was easy to kill. The glitch in both free play and formicarium challenge splits up your enemies (about 60% stay on top, 40% enter), and making the wave a lot less intimidating and fun.

I definitely want to help you guys solve this bug, so if there is any information you need about my settings or if you need help trying to recreate it, I'm glad to help.


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One more point: There is a wolf spider glitch, wherein the formicarium or free play mode, it gets stuck inside the player's nest hole. I encountered this glitch on wave 5, but I believe it can happen anytime. This glitch existed before free play mode released, and I believe it is completely different from the one I describe above, which I've seen for the first time this week.

While the glitch I described above can happen to any enemy that can enter your nest, the wolf spider glitch I've only seen with wolf spiders. It has happened to me many times in a row in formicarium challenge 2 before free play mode, and has caused me to replay the level. As I said, this glitch happened on wave 5 of free play mode. I simply pretend it's not there.

This glitch has been reported before, but I'll describe it. The spider appears to be on the surface on the minimap, and if the player toggles health bars, it is on the surface. It is in the area of the surface below the nest holes, which is not visible to the player. The only way to see the spider is my going into camera mode.

If you end up reading this post and want images, I've taken screenshots of the enemies getting stuck glitch and the old wolf spider glitch (unfortunately I didn't take a screenshot of the enemies getting stuck glitch in the formicarium challenge 1.) I just don't know how to put the screenshots on here.


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The creature sticking glitch (and variants of it) has been noted; we think it's an old one that was accidentally reintroduced with the Freeplay update - the next patch will address it. That's a universal issue and not related to playing on Mac.

Shall pass on the info about the lack of animation (we really appreciate the reports from Mac users since you're a much smaller part of our user base).

You've been very helpful with this - and we appreciate your continued support. You are the 2nd forum user to receive the "Extremely Helpful Person" badge in honour of your efforts.
I'm having the same problem- I have attempted to pass the first Formicarium challenge, (at least 5 times) and each time, 1-3 enemy ants get stuck at the entrance during the final wave of battle, and I am unable to kill them. They appear to be stuck on the outside of the colony.

Sometimes some of my ants also get stuck. All but one time, I was able to get the ants in my army to get 'unstuck' by deleting the pheromone marker, and turning off fighting and searching for food... and then turning attack back on and replacing the pheromone marker. But they still do not 'see' the enemy.

Order of operations does not seem to have an effect. (I tried first activating attack, then placing marker and vice-versa, but neither made my ants attack the stuck enemy.) I'll try one last time and post a screenshot of stuck ants, if that would be helpful.
Just registered in the forum, sorry if I am writing this in the wrong place.

Played the game for 5 days now, really enjoyed it, congratulations!

Bug report: creature sticking glitch.
Game option: Free Play - Towhead
Where: on the corner of the map, where the sand is of a different collor.
Affected: enemy creatures and my ants (some ants got stuck under the sand, could only see them when clicking alt). Something like 60 of my ants got stuck, did not die and did not move.
When: today, 01/11/19, after last patch was downloaded.



All the insects on the left are stuck in the sand, some are stuck under the sand.