Map Creator.


Ants are perfect!
I remembered that the empires of the undergrowth is a game that takes a lot of time to leave the updates taking into account its small team of developers.I think the game could allowed players to create their own levels and post to SteamWorkshop for example. So the players could entertain themselves while waiting for new updates.
Ideas for the map creation tool.
- At the beginning of the creation of the level the player could choose if it would only be underground or with access to the surface.
- The creator could also have a type of pencil to put the texture(sand, dirt, wood) on the titel of the ground(maybe just on surface).
- In the part of creating the map the player would choose randomlandmarks, or put manually(like the apphids on 2.2).
- Can choose if the map would be for a specific species or if it is for any kind of ant species.
- Nest controled by AI.
- Other choices like in freeplay.
This type of phase would work just like freeepaly, but with community-created maps.
Continue the good work! ;)
Hopefully we can introduce our own code to a minimum here. I really like randomness and would love to do something like that to my levels.