New Moon

We already have the awesome wolf spider mode on a Full Moons....what if we can have the whip spider on New Moons? I think it'd make a nice contrast and further expand things to do on the game. I envision a two tier stage set in the jungle. You start out under ground for when you start as the baby form and you optimally stay there till you reach juvie form. there the "nest" opens up and you can go outside to face stronger challenges and reach your huge adult form and prove that you're the "legend" of the jungle. For attack it gets its basic pedipalps aoe this time with piercing or bleed damage all of which improving overtime, a bash attack that pushes enemies back and slowing them slightly to be improved on level ups, and a stun attack that deals slight damage which enemy stuns is effective against improving upon level ups, then of course, the eat option to get your hp back. it should go without saying, but I do see the whip spider being more tank oriented. high hp, defense but maneuverability being a bit more sluggish than the Wolf Spider.

another idea I had was like a fever time where you get more exp depending on what enemy you kill like an Uber or an Ant Queen. To me, its always a good thing to give players access to the harder challenges faster.

Still, thoughts? Not saying the devs need to rush and do this, just wanted to see what people would think.


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Some neat ideas here.

No doubt we'll do a bit more stuff like this in the future. There's also the Christmas spider level to look forward to towards the end of the year, and this time John will balance it to be actually possible!


nice idea with the whip spider. If I remember correctly tho it does stay attached to the mother for a good while tho. I'm not exactly sure for how long.