Organized Freeplay Landmarks

In Freeplay at the moment, many features are often random, and do not have any sort of organization, except for locations. I think that there should be different types of landmarks, such as "water" and "vegetation." This would allow for more organized maps in general, instead of having dead fish show up on land and plants growing in water.I think many of the landmarks need something extra. Such as poppy plants and aphid farms, (they do not give much food at the time) with this extra food, comes danger like a invasion of pro-ladybird beetles, which should not give food. I think, in general, there should be different classes of landmarks. There should be primary, secondary, and tertiary landmarks.
  • Primary landmarks should be like aphid farms and poppy plants, providing some sort of benefit.
  • Secondary landmarks should be smaller in size and importance, such as small patches of sea-food and seeds. They should spawn within a certain area on certain points of the map.
  • Tertiary landmarks also should spawn within the same certain areas as Secondary landmarks, and in Primary landmarks. They should, most of the time, provide some sort of danger, such as infestations, BTB larva patches and webs of spiders.


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Also having sea food spawn when the tide goes in and out would be nice. It would give some motive to actually go down to the low levels of the beach and fight to control those areas.