Other species

I might be pushing it but maybe you guys could implement other species into the game like for example the devils coach horse, you start out with so many larvae and you have to keep them alive by hunting and keep them alive long enough so that they may mature into their adult forms and then they breed and make more so on and so forth, I think itd be a cool addition to freeplay or campaign missions or something, and you could do something similar with the beach spiders or tiger beetles, etc. just a wild thought, I really love you guys game thus far and cant wait for future updates!


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Good idea for side missions. Not sure if you're aware but there's an acradey secret level where you can play as a wolf spider, it appears on full moons I believe.


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We can do some crazy stuff with side missions and ideas like this sound fun. Once we properly get the ball rolling on this we hope the side missions will come fairly regularly, and there's no reason you always have to be ants!