Post Patch Bugs

Graphics on all ants pretty bad, they are actually eating the ground and not the other food

TWO larvae beetle wiped out my entire colony in easy mode has 13 black ants and 12 workers. They should not have been able to do that in either easy OR Medium mode and they were all level 2 and some even level 3...…

Food is not accumulating correctly,

Pathing is seriously off, you click the waypoint, half follow it the other half roam around.

I actually liked it better PREpatch….


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Could you please provide some more information / screenshots on this? The patch was tested before release.

As far as the pathing goes - it's always been the case that about half of the ants will go to the pheromone marker and the others will go back and forth between the queen and the point forming a trail
I actually took a very long video in easy and medium mode to show some of the issues..Kinda didn't kill her on purpose and kinda did to show things. Poor Queen. Note this is my second formicarium I created a new one cause my other one is full.


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It looks like your frame rate drops drastically during combat. At very low frame rates damage hits will not register perfectly. I would have said this was something to do with your system not being up to spec but the game appears to run smoothly out of combat. Can you try dropping the graphics settings and see if that makes a difference?