Procedurally generated side missions

I think procedurally generated side missions would be great for the formicarium. with limited missions to gain food territory and royal jelly on formicarium farming gets boring pretty fast. if smaller side missions that the dev team did not need to put much time into were added [maybe even a random match each time and you just choose the win conditions you want] the game would have much more cool challenges to do. these side missions could also have their own ants that are modeled off of the other ones but look slightly different have changed stats, this kind of thing could be done by taking the fusca ants and lowering their hp and giving them more damage and turning them bright red and choosing a name of a bright red ant that looks like that and is not planned to actually be in the main challenges. thanks for reading.


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Procedural generation wouldn't really work for our game - balance is everything and we spend a lot of time doing that; lots of random stuff works for some games but not ours.

But, but! ... we have decided to start adding smaller side missions to the game. They'll be designed, not random, but won't have full speech from the narrator, new art, music or anything like that. Basically the things that take us the most time to do. We did the new demo level The Crucible with a turnaround of about a week, so we realised we can add more side missions to the game with relative ease using existing assets. More news to come on this soon.