queen kill insane 3.1

Hello, i found how to kill the queen in insane!
3 minors for base building, all the others goes to harvest
9 minors
20 media
1 minor to merge the 3 and 9 minors groups
7 "queen" minors goes from harvest to base
20 media
all minors switch to base
10 media
7 lvl 3 taunt majors(to build 7 lvl 3 taunt majors you have to put speed tiles around them to upgrade them for as cheap as possible)

at this point you have around 9k leaves
keep farming leaves to stockpile food and stop before you reach 11.5k leaves otherwise you'll have to fight their big majors spawn
you should be able to kill the queen now if you have been fast enough, good luck.
Thanks you!
As i stopped to build army at 9k leaves i had 1600 food i sent waves to their base and it's true that if they turtle into base it's impossible to clear their army, i failed an attempt where i was in a really strong position because they were camping their base entreance. If they get out to collect leaves however you can interrupt their trail and kill a lot of ants for cheap. The aim is to make them run out of food before you do because you probably can't kill their queen if you reach 11.5k leaves from ahead as they will spawn huge army of majors for free...
edit: the majors are all level 3 and they are probably more powerful than the 50 media. the media are there for harvesting power and to make sure your majors aren't swarmed and stunned to death


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Any idea if this route makes a generic 3.1 clear easier? Haven't heard much about 3.1 insane's progress, but last I heard it was still fairly difficult and highly dependent on luck.
I think it is harder to clear 3.1 this way because you have to be ahead sooner, and when you are ready to fight them, you need to take good fight to not waste your food for low dmg.
With a correct gameplan winning 3.1 the regular way is all about surviving the majors waves because at this point you should have depleted all the leaf area that the ennemy can gather which leaves you with 4 exclusive plants worth 500-600 that you can collect beetween majors waves or with a small part of your army. I think if you are not greedy(collecting leaves for too long beetween majors waves) you can be close to 100/100 win