random fun little ideas

skins: the ability to , for a cost , unlock a cosmetic variant of an ant, this would not effect the stats or abilities, just a fun thing. the way this would work is when clicking on a class of ant say for example the worker , we can spend royal Jelly to improve it(the orange icon), this would add a third option to that: another icon that, when clicked on, would take you to a " skins " menu where you could purchase other ant species"s texture (again usng worker as an example) so having the ability to unlock for a small cost...like 5 Jelly for example, the " leafcutter worker " skin. when applied , this would make your formicarium workers look like leafcutters. same for all classes, having a black ant look like a wood ant soldier or even maybe a scaled down (to match the black ant's default scale) media from the leafcutters.. now of course , the leafcutter major would not have an aceton " skin " because the aceton havnt been unlocked and they are Simply too different , possessing abilities that are not alike. however i would like this as a way of further customization of the formicarium, having ants that we cant unlock but do basically the same thing ( example all soldiers and the leafcutter media perform the same battling job , all on the front lines taking most of the damage) so yeah………...i can understand this being implemented maybe only at the end of the game , but it would be a nice way to spend some Jelly which we have no real use for after completing all available challanges. this would also give a bit of spice in the colors and also see what the colony colors ( red , blue , yellow , purple , grey , green , Brown , black and pink) look like on the other ant models.