Satellite Nest Level

I have an idea for one of the extra missions you guys are working on, a satellite nest! This would be a nest without a queen that would receive new eggs every few minutes or so. Meaning you will need to avoid combat but also collect food to complete the objective.
The objective should be based on growth, either buying / upgrading a certain amount of ants, surviving a set number of days or collecting a certain amount of food.
Additionally, you will need to defend the convoy of workers that deliver eggs from predators. The amount of eggs you will receive will be based on available tiles.
This is fun. We can make this a level for the slavemaker. The queen is there but you can only build expensive fighter and your limited stealer just go out to steal. The fighter can only carry little food and harvest slowly. Your mission is to guard the stealer when they bring fusca and rufa worker brood back to the nest. Win condition and tile limit is like you said.