satellite nest

Hi all,
How about when the colony gets to a certain size you can have satellite nest with ant paths connecting them together the ants can move eggs into there new nest but still have one queen, to get more available food resources. Also have predatory ant nests, just some thoughts.

by the way love the game, lets make it the best we can....


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Awesome idea, might be complicated to implement this and make it work with the current system of pheromone marks right now.
not really, just have allocated nest sites and you can assign a group of workers to pheromone marks and that group of workers moves back and fourth between nests and you can store more food and have more egg chambers, then you have two nest sites to defend against other ant colony's. even down the line once the colony's bio mass is large enough you could start to have males and new queens for a nuptial flight. just some thoughts...


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It's a nice thought. It doesn't work with the current game mechanics, and would certainly put extra strain on resources - but lots of ant species have multiple nests that work together as one super-colony, so it would be nature-accurate.

One for reconsideration post-completion of the campaign I feel.