Screen Shot Saturday - The Leaf Harvest


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A close-up of the harvesting process the leafcutters go through to collect fresh cuttings for their fungus farms. The major, mediae and minor workers climb the stems of nearby plants, taking time to cut a chunk of leaf before taking it to a drop-off point in the nest. From here, the minims will take it to the fungus gardens.

The leaves will diminish visually as they are harvested by the leafcutters, giving a physical indication of when the resources are used up and new grazing pastures must be found.



Ants are perfect!
They are so monstrous and beautiful.
the major is huge, is that level 3 majors or level 1?
And it seems that the minor carry smaller leaf chunks than the rest of the ants.
Keep up the good work! :D


May the dinosaur be with you
Beta Tester
Will "depleted" plants regrow over a set amount of in game time, or will they stay depleted for the rest of a mission/game?