Screen Shot Saturday - Varied Creatures


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Community Manager
Just a couple of screenshots showing some of the cosmetic variation we've added to the appearance of some of the creatures - in this case the leafhoppers and the harvestmen. All part of the little things we're trying to do to make sure our game reflects some of the natural diversity of rain forests.



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Looking good over there. Would be interesting to have slight randomization (which is very minor and probably not that game breaking) in a creature's stats along with the appearance to reflect further on the great variation of genetic combinations which lets natural selection take its course, where you could encounter a harvestman which has an unusually strong bite force (higher damage) compared to the average harvestmen, and vice versa. To balance this, maybe make the individuals which are stronger give a little more food in return and vice versa, and potentially limit the randomness to freeplay mode only as a setting to not break the campaign completely.