Scrolling issues

Scrolling the screen is glitchy: there seems to be a hotspot where hovering the mouse causes the screen to scroll, but it's different per location: at the edge of the screen for the left and bottom edge, and a few pixels away from it for the top and right edge (so if I bring the cursor all the way up, it doesn't scroll; if I move it just a few pixels down from there, it scrolls - which is not really usable in practice). When holding the right mouse button, the edges work for all directions, though.

Experienced on Ubuntu 16.04.


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I might check that your resolution is correct. If the screen doesn't match your monitor then anything related to mouse movement is going to be thrown off.
I'd argue that's still a bug (if the resolutions don't match, it might not possible to detect position in a pixel-perfect way but detecting when the mouse is near the screen edge should still be possible), but in any case, the game resolution does match my monitor resolution.
I see the post I am replying to is over a year old, but I am still seeing the same thing exactly in KDE Neon user, based on Ubuntu 18.04. Resolution is native for the LCD panel. I have to move the mouse arrow a pixel or two away from the left or top edge to edge scroll. I tried changing the mode from windowed fullscreen to fullscreen, and it did not make any difference.


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From my experience this is only a problem in windowed full screen but I will note it down and get Matt to take a look.
I was going to report this issue today when I found other players had encountered it before. Has there been any solution for those who had that problem?
Using Ubuntu 19.10. Desktop resolution, ingame resolution and native resolution of my display are 1680x1050. No difference between fullscreen and windowed fullscreen mode. Scrolling works in all directions when I hold the right mouse button. So everything is almost exactly as tgr described it, except that for me it's right and down that's fine, while left and up works only when the mouse cursor is a few pixels away from the edge of the screen, but not when it's at the edge.