Simple Mission Trap Jaw Ants

Are there any plans for that?

My Idea is more complex then the crucible. Your Trap Jaw Nest has serval underground creatures (most carnivors larvae). Outside you get losts of harmless larve (only for the beginning). You have a day and night cicle. At Night some harvestman and crickets are your foe/food. Maybe some medium wip spiders later. Jumping Spiders and Mantis at day.
On the right side of the map are two adult wip spiders (appearing at dusk disapearing at dawn). They spawn baby wip spiders. At dawn all the baby whip spiders will invade your nest.
On the Left side the same with huge crickets (maybe more then two) at day. Their offsprings will invade the nest at dusk.

Victory condition is to kill all adult critters.
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We can cettainly do trapjaw side missions - but if we want a traditional nest setup we'll need to do a queen model. This isn't neccesarily a huge issue since the queens aren't all that different from the workers, but she'd still need to be rigged and animated correctly for the needed queen stuff.

Please keep ideas like this coming - as long as things aren't beyond the scope of the side missions (too much in the way of new behaviours / artwork / systems needed) then they'll all be considered!