[Suggestion] 0.2131 Smoother tiger beetle larva spawn


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So... Today an tiger beetle larva spawned in an area where the centre of my vision happened to be aimed at, and I noticed how the antlion has a horizontal orientation at the moment it is spawned:
(The larva is in the bottom left area of the video and spawns in the 8th second.)
In the next frame it is instantly buried and in the correct position.


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My computer is bad so I've seen this before. One easy fix is letting them spawn in when you aren't looking, like landmarks in freeplay.
The problem with that is... this can allow a player to prevent most larva spawns in a small area. This can even allow them to make almost all larva spawn on the far side of an ahpid farm, in an area where they can't reach the ants at the aphid farm.

Some thoughts about a potential fix: When the tiger beetle larva is spawned, is a Creature function is used for orientation?
And does the tiger beetle larva later use a different TigerBeetleLarva function to orientate itself vertically?
If so, is it possible to override the Creature function for orientation in the TigerBeetleLarva to handle the orientation instead? This would make the TigerBeetleLarva orientation function be called instead of the Creature orientation and the tiger beetle larva would be spawned in the right position and orientation as a result.
I have no clue if things in the engine work the way I think they do. (I don't even know C++.) But I do think I understand some parts a little bit.


I have a possible idea for this problem. If it is sure that a larva is supposed to spawn in spot X and the camera is looking, then it will not until the player looks away. This would make sure the player cannot prevent an area from spawning them and at the same time garantie that the spawns will happen as soon as they look away. Because obviously you cannot make changes to the nest while looking on the overworld. ;P

Maybe imagine it like that one Sherlock Holmes game with Creepy Watson. Basically what happens there is that Watson does not despawn unless you lose eye contact to him. And then he spawns randomly behind or next to you. So it could be something similar like this but with those enemies. :p

As a defense, it's only during one frame and the tigerbeetlelarva could be spawned just of screen and then put in place where it's supposed to be. ;)