Suggestion for a fruit garden level

I once visited my friend’s fruit garden and I am really impressed with how diverse the critters are, so I would like to see your take on this setting. The map is a fruit garden during near harvest season in Southeast Asia. Your nest is newly establish in a half dead banana tree, which is infested with beetle larvae. The garden is infested with pests, and damaged, unripe fruits scatter on the ground. I know you guys have already had plan for 5th level species so I will only talk about possible enemies.
  • The first campaign will involve relocating your nest to a healthy mango tree to the north. This tree holds a thriving carpenter ant colony. Take over their harvesting ground and kill their queen to win.
  • The second campaign will involve the war between an already established fire ant empire and a new weaver ant colony. Your nest lies in the middle of their battle field, defend yourself for 4 days, or kill one enemy colony to win. It's like an upgraded 3.2
Some new stuff I’d like to see:
  • Fruits, including mango, guava, banana, citrus,…: They act like sardine as a big food source. Unlike fish, not only enemy ants but other insects also enjoy eating them. You need to deter enemy fast to get the most out of them.
  • Pesticide rain: the gardener sprays this every morning, this acts just like tide, it doesn’t instantly kill insects but poison them, so you can still risk going outside to harvest.
  • Carpenter ant: Anti-crowd unit, they have average stats. Some Asian species have enlarge mandibular gland that explode during battle, cover enemy with venomouss glue. When soldiers drop to 25%, they explode doing AoE damage, and leave a poison pool (like the hungry spider) that poison everything walking past, great for dealing with high number of enemy. You gonna need high level ants to withstand all the chip damage they do.
  • Jumping ant: Anti-single unit, they have great attack. These ants hunt solitarily, can jump really high to capture bees and flies, they have strong venom to paralyze ants and strong jaws to carry large chunk of food. When spotting enemy, soldiers will jump pass and attack enemy line from behind. They have venom sting to quickly kill a single enemy, so overwhelm them with number. They wander like trapjaws.
  • Fruit weevil beetle: we have already seen larvae in black ants level, so why no adult. They have average stat, and no ability. They seldomly come to fruits and lay their eggs, larvae eat fruits from inside, and drain their value fast. You may encouter fruits with 1/10 their original amount infested by larvae.
  • Palm weevil beetle: you encounter their larvae in your banana tree nest. They can randomly dig around and mess up your lay out if you don’t take them out fast. They are twice bigger than their fruit cousin. At death, they struggle one last time to deal good last resort damage and push back ants. Adults are more colorful.
  • Stinkbug: good defense. A killed bug leaves a pheromone cloud that scares or confuses ants. Good luck when a few of them enter your nest.
  • Garden snail: harmless, great defense. Slow down any critters attacking it by its sticky glue. Have the hermit crab healing ability.
  • Garden centipede: this is a nightmare to animate so I wouldn’t expect you guys do it lol. They have strong venom and low mobility. Attack their middle body for easy kill.
  • Scale insects: reskin aphid for this map
  • Blue butterfly caterpillar: You can harvest honeydew from it like aphid, but they roam the map for fresh sapling. They are prey for many predators, so protect them on their eating path if you want a constant food source.
  • Stemborer/ Longhorn beetle: the big boss, come with huge size. They are the super tanky and slow version of tiger beetle.
  • Bombadier beetle: this has been requested a lot. Basically, they can spay burning juice that deal big damage to ants in a line in front of it and push them back. They have good stat overall.
  • Cockroach: weak and easy prey, usually run away. If you manage to kill a big female, it will lay an egg sac that ants carry back to food store, but it doesn’t count as food (that tile become red like slaver ants do to brood tile). When enemy is in your nest, they will hatch into 10 roachlings that run around and distract your defend line.
  • Sundew plants: dead trap, they secret honey dew that stick and kill ants, super long cooldown (curl up its leaves). Lure enmy near these if you are in dire trouble, turn off food gathering so your ants won’t be tricked into the trap (this is easier to implement than pitcher plant and venus fly trap), especially in the war level when 3 sides all want more resupply.
  • Imported fire ant: I think you guys already had plan for them. They have good stats overall, and strong venom that kill single enemy quickly. Workers can turn themselves into bridge in specific location on the map to reach some normally unreachable food source, but it takes like 20+ ants per structure.
  • Weaver ant: used as pest control in Asia. They are teritorial, vicious and realy strong, but have low health. They diseemble enemy with they strong jaw that they use to mend leaves. For 4 sec, lv 3 special soldiers can deal unhealable damage (grey out HP bar). They will fight against your colony for aphid and roaming caterpillar. Their nest looks like hanging balls of leaves with opening lead to the ground by some branches.
  • These two enemy ants are strong but expensive, they will exhaust surface food source really fast and starve your colony.
  • Ladybug: they can fight now even weak. Their larvae protect themselves with a shell made of bark and garbage and have stronger attack than adult. The shell will drop after a few attack.
  • Baby house gecko: can 1 hit kill ants, but run and drop delicious tail when overwhelmed. Big one can acts as titan.
I don’t like spiders so no ideas for now. I’ll add more stuff if I think of something.
My mistake, they say it's woodworm (weevil larvae) so it's the woodboring kind. But this one is about the fruit weevil size, I'd love to see the palm/coconut-boring weevils, they have big larvae and colorful adult.