[Suggestion] The enemy formicarium on formicarium challenge could use more workers

As is visible above the workers of the enemy formicarium can't keep up with the rate casualties are taken. I think it would be more interesting for the opponent to have almost doulbe the workers.
And they maybe could also use bigger food stores?
Maybe for hard and insane only, many casual players can't even beat this in medium with upgrade. More food for enemy will prolong the fight, harder to deal with mole crickets, especially if you use vanilla ereptor.
This would probably just make the level harder than it needs to be.
This is from playing on insane difficulty. It feels easier than it should be. (But then again, I am using lvl 3 mortars with lvl 3 stun majors. That combo is insanely powerfull and can melt away practically anything. See images below and behold the power of lvl 3 mortar ant AoE damage.) 20190904154638_1.jpg 20190904154738_1.jpg 20190904154712_1.jpg 20190904154835_1.jpg