Suggestions - DLC

So, hum I've got an idea.

I think you will put Bull Ants and Driver Ants for next levels (not sure of course), and so we can't play other ants like Trap-Jaws, Slave Maker, or even Eciton Ants (except in Freeplay later maybe but still a bit annoying).

The idea is to implant some DLC with the abilities to make for example Trap-Jaws in your colony with a Dlc called "Empires of the Undergrowth - Trap-Jaws Ants" with adding 50 slots in your colony (to put the ants you paid and don't limited to 150, but the number will grow with the new levels who are coming)

So Idk if you'll do that or you'll make another way to play it (except Freeplay cause it doesn't actually help you in the main colony, but that's why it's called Freeplay lol)

Love your game, continue the work ^^


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I thought Leafcutters were 0.6?
The old demo actually had a different numbering system which I think has gone confusing.

There are two more major updates planned on this scale and plenty of smaller updates to come. We will be discussing things internally soon and will have more information for people at that point but there is plenty left to come with the game yet!