Super cool game!

This game is amazing and has taught me many things about ants and even got me interested in ants. I watch a lot of ant and bee videos on YouTube, I don't know why it just interests me.

This is feedback with a very unlikely suggestion, lol. Like I said, this game is super cool and fun to play. It's educational and can raise awareness to ants and stuff like that. I love the strategicness to the game and love that Freeplay was released to compensate for The Formicarium limitations. But I was also wondering, why are the new Formicarium chapters taking so long to be released? I know there's a lot of factors that go into it but I'm sure it shouldn't take but a few months for at least one chapter. Just wondering. :) fantastic game, keep it up Slug Disco team!

Still waiting for a Bee version of EOTU.


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Unlike many developers do, Slug Disco doesn't just reskin our current units and call them something else. They're actually changing many core mechanics of how our ant colonies function in order to give us fun, realistic, and more complex gameplay for leaf-cutter ants. Then there are 3 maps (2 for levels, one for free play) they must design, a ton of enemies, the creation of 3.1 and 3.2, voice actors (and script creation), music to be composed, probably some improvements to what we already have, and much much more. Note they also have to balance all of the enemies, balance the new ant species, balance the levels, create animations and models for the enemies and ant species. Slug Disco mentioned we'd be getting something different for Formicarium Challenge 3 rather than enemies coming directly for your nest from tubes, so that would take a lot of time to create. They need to make leaf-cutter ant specific landmarks so free play is balanced for them too. Then they are working on AI colonies, and I can't imagine how much time and work it takes to create intelligent randomized colonies. Also, they mentioned making challenge modes for 2.1 and 2.2, so they'd have to create a scenario and balance that as well. That's a pretty big list I could come up with, and I don't know much about making games, so I'm sure I'm missing a lot.

It hasn't even been a few months since free play mode (and battle arena) was officially released anyway, so it really hasn't been that long to be complaining about it. Personally I'm glad we're getting large, quality updates over a long period of time rather than buggy smaller updates every two months :D
I think it is true, I got the inspiration to play this game from my elder brother. He used to play this game many times, And then to start with this I started watching videos on the youtube.
I am interested in ants since I was a kid. I live in Brazil, and as a kid I used to spend hours watching leaf-cutting ants (saúvas, Atta cephalotes) working on my garden. This game is a real masterpiece, I enjoyed it tremendously! Thank you for developing it!

I have some suggestions:
1) Add leaf-cutting ants (seems you are already doing this)
2) Add multiplayer mode
3) Allow us to invade enemy formicaries (anthills) on the underground
4) Allow a mode with more ants, even if lees elaborated (my PC almost crashed with 600 ants, and a real formicary has far more ants than that)
5) Allow more than 1 queen per formicary (I still wonder how a formicary with only one queen can breed more than one ant species)
6) Add scorpions as enemies
7) It would be fantastic to see a group of ants carrying a tiger beetle together, instead of always cutting it into pieces. Real ants do this sometimes, it is really funny to watch
8) I wasn't able to defeat any uber unit, they need to be weakened...
9) Add underground levels (don't know if this would be possible, but the queen should be really deep, in a lower level, so that it would be more difficult to reach)

I really hope you keep up the hard work on this game, EoTU should never stop improving and growing! Congratulations again!