Territory and Ereptors in Freeplay

This would basically be a way to keep weak bugs, if not all of them, from going to a certain area. This certain area would be determined by the amount of creature deaths and the amount of ants. This means there would be a sort of zone, if managed, where your ants would not be disturbed or attacked.
I have an idea for the Formica Ereptors. Instead of having all of the tech tree unlocked, the Ereptors would need to gain royal jelly first. They gain royal jelly by collecting food and killing creatures, meaning they will not be overpowered in the beginning stages of Freeplay. The tech tree could be randomized/preset to include other species such as Trapjaws and Army ants.


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Some nice ideas here, and I think they'd work very well as special rules for particular maps rather than restricting all maps to it. John's upcoming Extremis map has a unique unlock system, although that isn't freeplay.