Thanks for the crazy launch everyone!


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Hi all!

Yesterday and today have been totally crazy for us. After the kerfuffle of trying to get the game approved (and finally doing so) then going live, we've had huge amounts of feedback and the response has been almost entirely positive. We're really glad you're enjoying the game and looking forward to more to come. The game is performing well on Steam which we're overjoyed about.

We've identified a fairly consistent crash that has to do with tile removal in the Formicarium - so that's out #1 priority to fix that (John and Matt are currently on it). There are also issues with some ants or creatures getting stuck / not being harvestable (this is an intermittent and old issue that comes and goes) so we'll be looking into that too.

Once we get our first glitch-fixing update done, then it'll be time for us to seriously start working on the next update. We're pretty sure (but not 100% certain) that the next ants we add to the game will be Leaf Cutters, which will include a farming system for them to grow their own food from leaves collected on the surface.

John is keen to get properly stuck into the freeplay mode - and he intends to make it more of a community thing, with lots of live streams to Twitch where you can watch as he works on it and make suggestions. Since there's not really the problem of spoilers outside of the mission progression setup, he's looking forward to being much more open with its development.

Now, we have a lot of stuff to do - let's get to it!

Thanks ant fans. Thantfans.
The only other glitch I've consistently noticed is the upgrade info flashing on and off sporadically.

Otherwise I've had no problems. Looking good.
You guys did amazing on the game. Have had a lot of fun already. Just one thing that I really want in the game is a free play/ colony vs. colony mode. What I am talking about is something like what was seen in the over ground trailer a few moths back. Is this planned sooner rather than later? I think it would help a lot because once you play all the missions and finish..there’s not much else to do. But this other mode would keep the fun going for me. Anyways, don’t take it negative. You guys have done great and I’m sure you will continue to. Congrats on the sales as well. Ants!