Update 0.2023 - Fixes and Languages (couple of minor features)


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This is mostly a bug fix patch (should be the last before the freeplay update barring game breaking bugs) but also includes the final support for simplified Chinese and a couple of minor features.

As always do let us know if you find any bugs and we will continue to squash them as they come in!

  • Added the final simplified Chinese interface translations
  • Removed the default english setting, allowing those with localised languages to default to their language (German or simplified Chinese)
  • Purchase confirm dialogue now fits better with localised languages
  • Repositioned some victory / defeat widgets to prevent overlap with subtitles
  • Added a couple of missing german translations strings

  • Level setup dialogue no longer disappears off the bottom of the screen in certain languages with certain options
  • Fixed an impenetrable tile visual
  • Modified main menu textures so they do not stream (will appear full resolution when they appear)
  • Graphical overlay now correctly shows the positive upgrade points coming from speed tiles
  • Minor improvement of the positioning of numbers from tile upgrade overlay
  • Food will no longer fall through the formicarium on load, and food lost due to falling should be moved to the surface on load
  • Fixed an issue where the queen could get stuck doing the flinch animation
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when drawing the resource overlay
  • Fixed an issue where ants could get stuck inside formicarium plants and objects if fighting near them
  • Possible fix for floating debuff issue (please let us know if this is still occuring)
  • Fixed an issue where rainforest creatures could only spawn in freeplay of woodlouse was set to spawn
  • AI effects (such as stun or confuse) now force creatures to drop any other creature they are carrying (fixed praying mantises walking around with creatures in front of them)
  • If carrying a creature but not using an ability, the creature is now dropped
  • Removed food gathering from ants spawned into the formicarium through the post gate level spawner
  • Possible fix for an issue where a tile was unbuildable on after digging it out
  • Upon finishing challenge 3 the players queen is restored to full health. If somehow a queen has died and the game has saved that queen will be respawned on load in the formicarium
  • All sizes of whip spider capsule sizes reduced a lot (this prevents them spawning on top of objects when dropped into the formicarium but also meant more of them can get into a fight)
  • Fixed a bug with pressing a tab after an overlay button

Improvements / changes
  • Removed crystals from black ant tiles for minor performance boost
  • Added biohazard symbol to tiles affected by refuse tiles in the upgrade overlay along with minus numbers
  • Added in UI icons for tile upgrade, creatures and resources overlays to make it clearer they are available
  • Army ant major frenzy effect now looks like a red glow rather than a cloud
  • Added in an unlocked photomode accessed through shift + photomode key (F9 by default) - WARNING: Use of this will allow you to see off the edge of the map, under the floor ect. We do not plan on changing these areas as they were never meant to be seen so bare this in mind.
  • Tile upgrades overlay has seen a significant performance boost (75% reduction in frame rate drop)
  • Creature info overlay has seen a moderate performance boost
  • Held resources are now loaded held
  • Fez hat now has physics
  • Removed markers from the minimap on the hungry spider level
  • Resources overlay will now not appear in the fog of war in freeplay, additionally some resources cannot be seen through the fog
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I believe we have French subs in the works at the moment.
That's me but I don't really have time, or I need to be focused on this work :)
This game is such good, your work make us want to work for you and my love for ants is because of you :D I like ants for 2 years now.
Really, this is the best game I never played.
Keep the awesome work.
What about italian? i could help with the translation and localisation of strings. You can find me easily in the unofficial Discord Server if you like; I really enjoy the game and i'm willing to help making it available to my italian fellows who can't understand english :)
Hello Mike,

Could you please tell me if you plan to localize the game into Turkish? If you are interested, I would like to help. I am a professional Turkish game translator living in Leeds. Just let me know. Thanks.