V0.132 and V0..133 Minor Bugs

I kept noticing bugs as I played and thought I might as well put it all in one place instead of making more threads. If anyone else has similarly non-game-breaking bugs or anything, feel free to post them here, too.

So, to start off with, other than the phantom broods (which I've seen show up in 2.2 now), there's also the terrain/tile flickering I saw in 2.1, ants getting confused for a bit in tight spaces in the Formicarium, and the weird dark spots that appear when zooming in on the nest entrance have become ridiculous (which I only saw in 2.2 so far).

Also, an oversight: in 2.2, when a tiger beetle larva snags an enemy ant, the narration still goes off. I'm pretty sure that's not intentional. I don't know if this happens in the non-Mac builds, though.


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there's also the terrain/tile flickering I saw in 2.1
The tile display flashes if you have enough lag, so this is probably just an issue with your computer.