V0.2131 Update - Changes & Balance, Language


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Some fairly significant balance changes for the game in today’s patch, as well as important updates to localisation and a bunch of fixes and minor changes, all detailed below!

  • Updated translations for Russian, German, Chinese and Spanish
  • Fixed some interface element issues that could occur in some languages
Changes / Balance
  • Story now always highlights if the player does not have a formicarium colony
  • Small army ants (media) now cost 3 to hatch down from 5 (this will affect both formicarium challenge 3 and an upcoming extra level)
  • The ‘Evasive’ worker ability now avoids damage 60% of the time down from 95% and the workers are now camouflaged (enemy creatures need to be a lot closer to see them)
  • Leaf landmarks in freeplay now regenerate every 5 minutes up from 4
  • Aggrandise balance: Hard and Insane mode now have slightly more food available (an extra 10% of each creature’s base level food)
  • Aggrandise balance: The fish provides 50 more food in Insane and 100 more food in Hard
  • Aggrandise balance: Woodlice and woodworm will not wander about and are located closer to the player’s starting location
  • Aggrandise balance: There is now a 3 tile wide access route between the player and the huge whip spider. If it or its two bodyguards are disturbed they will all now attack the player’s queen
  • Freeplay now has an autosave feature. The time between saves can be set from the options menu. When loading a freeplay save you can choose to load the most recent save, the autosave or the manual save. Load most recent save from the in-game menu will now load whichever of those is most recent
  • Tooltip for allied colony minimaps no longer says you need to be in their colony to see them
  • Fixed an issue where the new ubers had incorrect (low) food values and too few harvesting points
  • Pebbles will now be removed from web landmarks even in loaded games
  • Fixed some issues with ants falling through ramps
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes in freeplay egg collection would take multiple attempts
  • Moved a problematic pebble in 2.1
  • Fixed an issue with player starting ants being grey in an upcoming extra level
  • Balance changes and fixes for upcoming extra levels
  • Fixed an issue where the nest group marker could be placed via the minimap
  • Fixed an issue on 2.1 where a voice line was not playing
  • Creatures that do not wander such as wolf spiders can no longer stay still if they are inside a nest entrance (fixes the issue on Baby Sitting with the wolf spider hiding in the allied nest entrance)
  • Potential fix for ladybirds being harvestable after they have flown away
  • Fixed an issue in freeplay setup where play difficulty would not change if changed from advanced game setup
  • Fixed an issue on 2.2 where a ramp near an enemy colony was trapping ants (the dreaded BOX 4 has been removed)
  • Collision updated for cliff edges; should mitigate some movement issues
  • Movement robustness improved around ramps (gaps should be removed)
  • Fixed an issue allowing players to name their colony with the same name twice (or no name)