What were we up to in Feb / March?


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Developer of EotU
I have been going through the commits to pull a few things out to highlight however there are so many I stopped part way as it was taking too long and we are getting very close now!

But here is what we have been up to most recently:

  • Fixed some bugs to do with creature abilities casting twice
  • UI changes for leafcutters
  • Another pass of new creature abilities
  • Minimap displays gather-able resources
  • Fixed an issue where multiple applications of an effect would cause it to flicker
  • Food in food items is now displayed with a key press rather than hover (and now displays on all food items)
  • Balance changes for new levels
  • Improved scanning for resources (1 scan instead of 3)
  • New freeplay setup screen added
  • Fixed minimap issues in freeplay
  • Fixed issues with freeplay defeat animations
  • Re-balanced preying mantis
  • Re-evaluated the points each creature gives when killed
  • Setup the new creatures food values for freeplay
  • Setup what new creatures avoid other creatures in freeplay
  • Majors no longer taunt below 30% health
  • Set the levels up for the friends and family build
  • Work on new creature spawning and behaviours for the new levels
  • New music added for 3_2
  • A lot of work on the new music
  • Gameplay pass of new levels
  • Prepared documents for localisation
  • Added narration into the formicarium challenge
  • Balance changes for new levels
  • Added sound effects for formicarium challenge
  • Fixes for new levels
  • Voice lines added to the final areas
  • Work on the computer controlled colony
  • Second pass of the new formicarium challenge
  • Balance changes for leafcutters
  • Tweaks to marker timing for creatures
  • Fixed bugs with enemy colony AI
  • Added final narration to original formicarium level
  • Lots of work on the trailer for leafcutters
  • A lot of work on the textures for the new formicarium
  • Fades added to larger creatures when entering tunnels
  • Tunnel exits altered to accept new creatures
  • Subtitles no longer fade out with the rest of the UI
  • Prepared game for localisation
  • Another art pass of new levels
  • Added new skins for harvestman and leafhoppers
  • Some fixes for old creature animations
  • Gather and aggression buttons updated for colour-blind
  • Minimap displays gather-able leaves
  • Minimap ping added
  • UI updates for enemy nests
  • Work on animations specific to the new formicarium
  • loading screen added for new levels
  • Added in chunks for every creature in the game (no longer will harvesting a fish produce a devils coach horse leg)
  • Fixed leafcutter skeletons to food is held correctly in mouth
  • Added canopy shadows to the new levels
  • Audio quality slider now effects channels
  • Fixed errors preventing the game packaging

RIGHT back to it!