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    Ant keeping help

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    Enemy ants in Free Play

    Multiple AI operated colonies that fight each other as well as me
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    Sending pictures.

    See that button in-between the emogi and the chain? That's it.
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    Sending pictures.

    How to send photos
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    What species ants are we?

    Based on the amount of larva(?), workers(?), soldiers(?), queens(2), and age of the colony, witch species would we be most comparable to?
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    Ant keeping help

    My queen is picking at the cotton at the exit. Should I be worried about this?
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    Suggestion for future update: Pharaoh Ants

    Love the idea! Also pharaoh ant have LOTS of queens. Enough that sometimes queens come out and eat killed food at the source.
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    Another Kickstarter?

    If the developers set up another Kickstarter (or something like that) for multiplayer, judging by the amount if support for it I've seen, I think it would be successful.
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    Multiplayer Would Be Sick

    I agree. There should be some kind of controll point that give ur ants something like the army ant ability (after about 5 seconds of fighting, gain attack speed and damage). Or there could be multiple controll points.(for example one for the level 3 formicarioum abilities).
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    Ant keeping help

    Major ant I was going on a run and a came by this ant. Looks like a bigger version of the other worker ants I saw in the colony I was observing. I'm 99 present sure it was a Camponotus major. My faith that I have a Camponotus queen is restored
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    Ant keeping help

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    Other games to avoid burnout

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    Just purchased the game and it crashes on start up.

    Pretty sure u can refund within 24 hours
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    Just purchased the game and it crashes on start up.

    Try deleting the game and reinstalling it