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    Screenshot Saturday - The Cow Killer

    The red velvet ant (Dasymutilla occidentalis) is not actually an ant at all but is a kind of wingless wasp. She has a docile nature but if she's threatened her sting is so potent that the species has been called the "cow killer". Expect to see her face off against your fire ants in Empires of...
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    One question

    It's given to people who have been exceptionally helpful for a specific reason, like helping us track down the cause of a really tricky issue or provide a huge amount of very useful feedback. Only 3 people have the badge. It's not something we give out as a reward for anything specific, but...
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    Multiplayer gameplay idea

    Hi - this has been suggested multiple times and is in the FAQ thread. Please read through that thread before posting any more. Thanks!
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    a question

    I'll delete the account and he can retry, but we do need to make sure it's attached to a valid email and he'll need to verify it, I'm not willing to bypass that step since the system works now.
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    a question

    I can't verify it for him; we need a valid email address and the server is working so I don't want to bypass it. Tell him to try again and check his spam folders, etc - no-one else is having problems at the moment.
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    It's the Ecosystem beta!
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    a question

    If your brother has a valid email address, he can verify it himself. The server is working fine.
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    curious question

    Just a little tip, if you wouldn't mind - try making your post titles relevant to the post content. Thanks!
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    Hi! Gonna have to ask you to change that pfp I'm afraid, family friendly forum!
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    You're chain posting again fazekas, please stop. Official warning now. If you do it again you'll get a suspension.
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    Welcome to the forum!
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    hi im from Hungary.

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    Hi fazekas, please don't chain post. Edit a post if you want to add more ideas to it.
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    Ecosystem - Entering Early Access March 16th! Trailer + Beta News

    Ecosystem now has a date for its early access release - March 16th 2021! Thanks to everyone who's played the sim, given feedback and helped Tom as he's gotten things to this point. Here's the release trailer: We will soon be running a short beta (with limited functionality) for it for...
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    Screenshot Saturday - The Big-Headed Ant

    Another species that will be tussling with fire ants in Empire of the Undergrowth's 4th tier is the big-headed ant (Pheidole morrisii). Like many species, it has minor and major castes, but it also has a category of major often called "supersoldier" in literature. This beast has a huge head...