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    Screenshot Saturday - Green Lynx Spider

    Wow the fire ants are miniscule compared to the spider.
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    It's my birthday.

    Happy surviving one whole year. Now another.
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    May 2021 Newsletter

    I recall that there was about 90 new units planned for tier 4 and 5. They will have to cut down some redundant ones.
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    The Ants - app in app store

    EotU's Formica fusca queen is stylized. Her flat head is so distinct that you can immediately recognize that this is a rip off. If anyone designed the queen from scratch, she should look similar to EotU's wood ant queen instead.
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    I cannot play the game

    Empires of the Undergrowth is currently a PC only game.
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    Screenshot Saturday - False Bombardier Beetle

    I'd love some kind of ant mimic that share your color on the minimap, but this is still interesting. Imagine people playing blind and misindentifying the real one for the fake.
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    Why don’t you guys delete all forum accounts that haven’t been logged into for 1 year.

    It's two years since leafcutter ant update. People just don't have much to talk about to come back. When fire ant update hits, I'm sure many old timers and insane players will be active again. Deleting them is like saying: "Hey you guy aren't active enough so we don't want you here!"..., which...
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    5 tiers garuanteed?

    There are only 5 tiers in the 1.0 version. No plans have been made yet for the time beyond.
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    Screenshot Saturday - The Bombardier Beetle

    It's not prototype then. It's called skin variant and this is the basic skin. Anyway, where did you hear that there will be different skin for this beetle?
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    Bigheaded ants and little black ants are planned to be playable as complete species in freeplay. I don't see any reason or need to add these unit to the FC3 counterpart colony as that colony was already killed. Some extra missions with different unit composition similar to Excavators may work.
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    Extra level suggestion: only one can remain

    If you are talking about Polyergus sp. and Formica sp. of slavemaker ants, they do have queens. They enslave other ants because their jaws are inefficient in nuturing youngs and they cannot do trophallaxis properly.
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    Occupation - New Extra Level - Out Now!

    The extra buffed creatures are a bit ridiculous lol. I think the exclamation marks should be extra scaled up for them. It took a few tries to know if the black ants or tiger beetles should be dealed with first.
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    Optional Suggestions

    #1 I agree with this. #3 The 5th species is already decided and is in model making process. #4 They only do extra missions that reuse assets because it's less time consuming. #5 I agree with this too. #6 I'd like to keep "any difficult" and "insane" too. They have made an achievement suggestion...
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    nerf army ant majors

    You can post your compositon, set up and how you did the challenge here. Many people here are willing to help. We went through the trial and error phase too you know. Challenge 3 can even be beaten on easy with only black ants. If you feel like you're stuck, grind for food and jelly and max out...
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    Suggestion: 1 special ant selection after beating formicarium challenge 5

    I'd like this to be a New Game + system: Beat the story mode. Then when you replay the storymode as a new colony, you can choose either the default one or a new one that have all ant units unlockable, but without OP upgrade and stat modification. You can then unlock whichever species you want...