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    Slug disco Optional royal guard for counterpart colony in freeplay

    Not happening. It's a bundle deal. If you want to customize gene-thief ants directly in freeplay, well, get in line. There is a list of suggestions that they can only choose a few from after full release.
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    Make the game less... swingy, tone down the difficulty spikes. (and more)

    You get 4-5 missions per ant (2 story missions, 2 extra missions, 1 demo mission), not mentioning how many extra missions with them as gene-thief ant units.
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    Velvet worm in the battle arena

    It's just a teaser. They will add those in with next freeplay update if I recall correctly.
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    Where do you get this information? The FAQ only says "SEVERAL", it does not say seven anywhere.
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    in future being able to lay new queens and have they establish new colonies?

    The problem is in the movement code. It is made in a way that colony ants must have a way to reach the queen to work (fire ants will have a mechanic that ultilise what happens when they don't as a demerit). They spent more than 1 year to remake the code, they would have changed something already...
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    I Bet We're Getting Rehoused

    No need to bet. They said they had been finishing assets for the new formicarium on discord.
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    The Fire Ant Update - Coming 27th July 2022!

    They bullfrog stays in one place while the skimmer moves around. You can check the steam store for images of 4.2.
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    Hibernation OUT NOW! Patch Notes

    It's currently broken on Mac.
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    Hibernation OUT NOW! Patch Notes

    What are the new black spiders in Hibernation?
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    [Freeplay] Add a way to destroy Spiderwebs

    No, the ingame species is S.invicta, not S.geminata.
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    Beetles Rise Up! New Extra Level Out NOW

    Is it me or your computer just got upgraded? Creature skins look way better than previous trailer.
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    Screenshot Saturday - The Six-Spotted Fishing Spider

    Ain't that what challenge mode enemies do? Annoy the heck out of you lol.
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    Different player color disposition on models - comparaison between ereptor color and unit color

    Have you tried "black", which makes all ants retain their natural color?
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    Something off here.

    I found it.