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    Occupation - New Extra Level - Out Now!

    The extra buffed creatures are a bit ridiculous lol. I think the exclamation marks should be extra scaled up for them. It took a few tries to know if the black ants or tiger beetles should be dealed with first.
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    Optional Suggestions

    #1 I agree with this. #3 The 5th species is already decided and is in model making process. #4 They only do extra missions that reuse assets because it's less time consuming. #5 I agree with this too. #6 I'd like to keep "any difficult" and "insane" too. They have made an achievement suggestion...
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    nerf army ant majors

    You can post your compositon, set up and how you did the challenge here. Many people here are willing to help. We went through the trial and error phase too you know. Challenge 3 can even be beaten on easy with only black ants. If you feel like you're stuck, grind for food and jelly and max out...
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    Suggestion: 1 special ant selection after beating formicarium challenge 5

    I'd like this to be a New Game + system: Beat the story mode. Then when you replay the storymode as a new colony, you can choose either the default one or a new one that have all ant units unlockable, but without OP upgrade and stat modification. You can then unlock whichever species you want...
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    A bit too hard and other bits iv noticed so far

    This game is not a simulator, it's an RTS that focuses on its campaign. This means that you can beat any level on medium by following a guide or just fail a few times to learn the AI pattern/find the trick to the puzzle. The AI is not that fast, with right composition you can get 1.5 times...
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    Do anywhere exit idea from the nest

    This is no different than moving queen. So.... probably no.
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    Screenshot Saturday - The Cow Killer

    Yes, but not enough venom to kill a cow. It was revealed that in game, she has weak bite, very strong sting at low health, and venom-type damage reflection from her setae.
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    Suggestion: Unit choice For army ants or driver ants in counterpart colony in freeplay

    You are suggesting an entire new species (new model, new stat, new ability). Unless they are actually in the 5th tier, I don't think they will ever be touched till after EA. According to latest stream, Matt is making models and animation for ant-shaped creatures for both 4th and 5th tier at the...
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    another question

    It's confirmed that most ant units can climb over creatures that are bigger than a tiger beetle. It will be applied retrospectively to prior missions overtime. There is still one mystery: can leafcutter majors do it?
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    curious question

    E.burcheii only make bivouac to rest for a few days before moving. A living nest is not suitable for the hexagon build system so the devs don't want to include them as a whole species in freeplay. Therefore, no queen model is needed.
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    Tier 4/Fire ant update: Analysis

    This is a good summary, not an analysis. It's the end of Lunar New Year, I don't have time to look up the source videos so feel free to correct me. Some information I recall from dev stream and SS posts: - Velvet ant has weak bite and strong sting similar to fire ants. Its setae is said to...
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    Does anybody know pocket ants?

    I try the game for 2 days. Cool concept but it feels more like a bug colecting game than an ant game. The fact that I have to keep my phone running for the currency to go up is bad design, my battery most likely can't handle it. My favorite feature: Seasonal Creature, they implement a real life...
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    Screenshot Saturday - The Big-Headed Ant

    I think this topic should end here guys. With how Mike not knowing about the peripheral species' abilities, you will most likely find only their models and basic moving animation, which were already shown. If you want to try getting yout ultimate ereptor, you can follow TheRexYo's guide on...
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    Screenshot Saturday - The Big-Headed Ant

    He meant there is a way around it by creating another sub species of F.ereptor. But yeah, M.minimum and P.morisii both have queen model, have decent size colonies and nest underground so they should be reasonable for freeplay as fully-pledge species.