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    Whip spiders ignore ants, move to attack queen

    Are you sure? The whip spiders ignore all coming ants and only attack when they make contact with the queen. Wouldn't it be more fair if they can still stop and attack your ants midway? The whip spiders still do their job if you fail to kill them but you have better chance to stall/ retaliate.
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    Can't Find Tutorial or Narrators Voice In Demo

    You can watch various freeplay games on youtube. The AI of enemy colonies will be remade in future updates.
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    How is powerscaling calculated? Is there some sort of formular? I have seen a high level wolf spider heal back to full from about 30% HP so there must be some different between the formulars for health, damage and healing effect. The whip spider towers in Festive Spider is scaled at 4 and...
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    Underground Redesign of 3.1 "The Harvest"

    I think this is just how they want to make 3.1 easier for new players. 19 minims will make starting way faster. A crampier underground may make us think before digging into velvet worms, if they are underground creatures.
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    Some random thoughts and suggestions about the update:

    These are just my random thoughts and suggestion about the new update: - Little black ants are a bit too strong. Maybe their cost can be increased a bit: 30 to build, 3 to hatch. On the other hand, I don't really understand the purpose of big-headed ant media, maybe their stats and cost can be...
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    Feeling like theorizing. (sort of) (warning: tons of reading)

    Wasn't this how the mobile game EotU supposed to happen before they moved to PC?
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    Make the game less... swingy, tone down the difficulty spikes. (and more)

    You get 4-5 missions per ant (2 story missions, 2 extra missions, 1 demo mission), not mentioning how many extra missions with them as gene-thief ant units.
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    Velvet worm in the battle arena

    It's just a teaser. They will add those in with next freeplay update if I recall correctly.
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    Where do you get this information? The FAQ only says "SEVERAL", it does not say seven anywhere.
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    in future being able to lay new queens and have they establish new colonies?

    The problem is in the movement code. It is made in a way that colony ants must have a way to reach the queen to work (fire ants will have a mechanic that ultilise what happens when they don't as a demerit). They spent more than 1 year to remake the code, they would have changed something already...
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    I Bet We're Getting Rehoused

    No need to bet. They said they had been finishing assets for the new formicarium on discord.
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    The Fire Ant Update - Coming 27th July 2022!

    They bullfrog stays in one place while the skimmer moves around. You can check the steam store for images of 4.2.
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    Hibernation OUT NOW! Patch Notes

    It's currently broken on Mac.
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    Hibernation OUT NOW! Patch Notes

    What are the new black spiders in Hibernation?