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    Choose player color in extra mission

    I don't really see this as a very high priority feature, more QoL. Unless we get multiple colonies of the same species in 1 level, I don't think this will be necessary at this stage.
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    Different player color disposition on models - comparaison between ereptor color and unit color

    Ant's are related to wasps and bee's, I use to play on Mid/Low settings on my older laptop and the colours are no where near as pronounced.
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    Music misplaced in wrong playlist

    Rising Tide Safe is in the Action theme playlist
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    Gamescom 2021 Fire Ant Demo Level Available Now! - 0.2313 Release

    Oh? That will be interesting later on.
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    Screenshot Saturday - Pine Woods Tree Frog

    Looks great as always. Uber Frog would be interesting.
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    Screenshot Saturday - Beneath the Swamp

    I like those roots, may I ask if this formation of dirt is in either levels or if it has been dug out?
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    Questions and suggestions and a bug.

    I'd say dead ants should give half of their hatching cost and despawn quickly.
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    Screenshot Saturday - A Thriving Fire Ant Colony

    I have a question on the placement of the Glowing Shards, are they randomly generated (has a chance to appear when you clear a space) or do they spawn in on a dirt block have them in their model?
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    Improve ant communication and behavior?

    Perhaps a free roam area, where ant's roam within an area (set by the player) and build minor trails to food and threats (minor trails won't attract the whole swarm)?
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    Screenshot Saturday - The Six-Spotted Fishing Spider

    How big is it compared to the Whip Spiders? It looks to be just a tad (like half) bit smaller then the Giant one but I'm not the best when it comes to scales.
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    Тranslations into other languages.

    Wrong post to be asking in, but go to your profile in preferences.
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    Screenshot Saturday - Swamp is an Aesthetic

    Which worker is stronger, Tier 3 Ereptor (no perks or upgrades) or a Tier 3 Fire Ant?
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    The game keeps on glitching today

    Does the game close itself randomly or is it stopping for no reason?