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    Thank you!

    Awesome that your son likes the game, you're definitely a cool dad! ❤️ It's nice that he's going to have his own colony to take care of. He'll learn that animals have their own personalities (even insects!) and that we have a responsibility not to cause them more harm than we need to. Careful...
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    Questions for Mike

    Hey, I've been moderator in forums before - but I think "jobs" like this are not posted, you get them by being an active and cool user. :)
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    Another German gal

    A friend sent me pictures of this ridiculously beautiful ❤️ little fellow today asking me what (or who?) he is (Xylocopa violacea). You can see the brown rings at his antenna - that's how you can tell he is a male (of course only biologically). Well.. if he was female he would even live long...
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    achievements not loading/not validating

    Steam achievements are working now! <3
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    An idea for the army ants in the formacarium

    Haha, I was referring to the game. :D And Squash is also a ball sport... and something to eat. Sorry for all the Dad jokes.
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    An idea for the army ants in the formacarium

    I'm a scientist and I will squash you all. I'm a tennis player and I will squash you all. I'm a pumpkin and I will squash you all. ... actually, I'm non of the above and I won't squash you.
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    Another German gal

    Hi Liam & thank you for your warm welcome! Ha, yeah, they are rare where I live - officially extinct, I think - and I was lucky she sat there at my windowsill so I could watch her. At first I thought it was "just" a small Xylocopa violacea (I love them, they're awesome, they're big, they are a...
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    Another German gal

    Hey everyone, I like videogames and insects (spiders and bees ♡) - and although I very much suck at Empires of the Undergrowth, I simply love it. I am really looking forward to playing new content but I already like it the way it is now. :*) As are probably most of you, I'm staying inside the...