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    Screenshot Saturday - The Big-Headed Ant

    Maybe he is an Myrmarachne (ant-mimicking jumping spiders) but we don't know for sure.
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    Optional Beta Available Now 0.22221* - Extra Levels for Testing

    Alright so I just finished playing the other 3 levels. I tried them all on Insane, which is pretty hard core to say the least. I finished one of them successfully and it felt slightly too easy. However there is always room for more. Around 1:43:00 is when I finished one extra and left some...
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    Optional Beta Available Now 0.22221* - Extra Levels for Testing

    SO. I just finished a stream of 3 hours during which I tried to first figure out a good strat and later during my close to 2 hours round on what lies behind those big exclamation marks. I only encountered a small glitch / bug where I had a piece of food with 7 units lay in the outworld entrance...
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    Optional Beta Available Now 0.22221* - Extra Levels for Testing

    Is it possible to stream this on Youtube or Twitch? Would propably help you more to see what exactly happened in case of bugs and glitches but I would rather have your approval for it than just go ahead and do it. I know some people want to keep their new projects a secret until the project is...
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    Screenshot Saturday - The Little Black Ant (Monomorium minimum)

    well, why do the work twice if you just need to reshape it? Longer legs? No problem. More thicc ass? No problem. Extra limbs? Maybe a little bit more time consumming but no problem. :P
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    Screenshot Saturday - The Little Black Ant (Monomorium minimum)

    I know the pain of creating a similar thing each time. That is why you should always create a basemodel of something and then get started to work with that each time. For example create a blender file copy for each antmodel that is different in shape :P
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    Screenshot Saturday - The Little Black Ant (Monomorium minimum)

    I assume that the smallest ant species you could introduce was Solenopsis molesta which is apparently the smallest known antspecies with a size of 0.5 mm. Pretty crazy if you ask me.
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    youtube channels

    I did some videos on my channel, although it's more like streams that were saved to my channel. :P And sadly they are from 2019. However I might do some more streams of the game in the futur so tell me what you need and I might just do some live tutorials of which someone can create highlights.
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    Something interesting (Video Link)

    For the Army Ants in case they should make it back to the game with more info. ;) Video Link
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    Screenshot Saturday - The Great Blue Skimmer

    Reading through some comments it sounds rather crazy that ants would have guns. That should be a random meme mode option I feel. Like GTA (Grand Theft Ants) xD I can just imagine the ants pimping their exoskeleton. Back to normality. Most antspecies don't see the insects as their eyes are...
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    Hello from Luxembourg

    OOOOFFF (big double ooof) Neuhaus is not exactly good. I worked at a bank where they offered those small packs with a bit of Neuhaus chocolate along with the coffee for the visitors (Pre Covid obviously) and I couldn't really taste any orange or raspberry or cherry in their chocolate with those...
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    Hello from Luxembourg

    So far I only had twinkies. However the twinkies didn't taste that special and I would prefer another candy with cream inside and marzipan on the outside dipped in chocolate on each end. No idea what the name is but yeah I prefer European and Japanese candy over US candy.
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    Screenshot Saturday - He's Coming Back

    For those wondering it will be the following times. GMT (UK) 9 - 10 PM MEZ (Germany, France, most of EU) 10 -11 PM CST (Central US Time) 4 - 5 PM I felt like I should put it up so people can compare it. ^^
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    Vorschlag: Nestausbau

    Seems to be out of context with no quotes. ^^'