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  1. Rayalot72

    November 2021 Newsletter

    Ooh, looks like a pretty unique extra level coming up. New music too, hype.
  2. Rayalot72

    Music misplaced in wrong playlist

    They could probably use some reordering as well.
  3. Rayalot72

    Screenshot Saturday - Narrow-Mouthed Toad

    Ah, smol froge.
  4. Rayalot72

    Screenshot Saturday - Narrow-Mouthed Toad

    Will all frogs be titans, or just the bullfrog?
  5. Rayalot72

    [UPDATE [0.2312] Fire Ant Gamescom Demo Discussion - Bug Reports, Suggestions, Strategies; Et cetera

    For insane, after you get the two free food chambers and some soldiers running, wait for the water to drain and then dig out to start alternating between overground and underground food. The hardest chambers to clear are the two with four adult rove beetles, so you want to be working towards a...
  6. Rayalot72

    suspicous account (PROBABLY BOT OR SCAMMER)

    Weird. Could be a bot that automatically tries to send messages even if it's banned.
  7. Rayalot72

    suspicous account (PROBABLY BOT OR SCAMMER)

    Like 90% sure that moderation is going to have control over whether it gets warned or banned.
  8. Rayalot72

    suspicous account (PROBABLY BOT OR SCAMMER)

    I got it too, just report it.
  9. Rayalot72

    Pirate much? (non-serious)

    "I wonder how they'll handle a sustained flow of aggressors," but it actually never ends.
  10. Rayalot72

    Screenshot Saturday - Pine Woods Tree Frog

    Amphibian titan?
  11. Rayalot72

    Hours Played

    506 hours here. I'll have to get more.
  12. Rayalot72

    Ant Analysis: Wood Ant Melees

    I would like to point out that the main balance issue with the wood ant melee soldier is not that it's weak compared to other species, but that it's not very effective compared to wood ant workers. Melee wood ants need an edge to ensure that they are the most viable tank within their own nests...
  13. Rayalot72

    Music Discussion

    Sick, I loved that level's track.
  14. Rayalot72

    [Question] 0.21141 What would happen if a funnel web spider picked up an evasive ereptor worker?

    I think I've already done this in freeplay. I believe they either get dropped and don't die, or the spider struggles with them for a minute until they die.
  15. Rayalot72

    [Question] Uber whip spiders can push back other uber creatures, is this intentional?

    I still feel like there should be a blanket "CC immune" for creatures which provides immunity to a particular set of effects, including stun, fear, confusion, devour, and knockback, with some prepared ease of adding more. L and larger creatures could be defined by all having this trait...
  16. Rayalot72

    Beta Test - 0.2114 - The Story is Back!

    Oh yah, that was much needed.
  17. Rayalot72

    Is this the aura effect?

    Should be the leafcutters' thorns aura. The defensive one is a blue pulsing hexagon.
  18. Rayalot72

    [Suggestion] Uber jumping spider displays as large creature instead of medium creature on minimap?

    Well that is news to me! That should be pretty useful for figuring out strategies against them...
  19. Rayalot72

    [Suggestion] Uber creatures apply a glow effect on their minimap dot

    This would be super useful. If you miss the popup you sometimes won't even know one spawned if you're not scouring the map.