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  1. Tom Johnson

    Saved games missing .DAT

    I'm sorry you got hit by this. What you describe sounds similar to a bug that was fixed in the most recent update, v0.24, which released on Steam on Dec 20 and EGS on Dec 22. If this happened before those dates or if your version of the game didn't automatically update (you can check this by...
  2. Tom Johnson

    What does Eco Health do and what does Adaptability do for plants

    Thank you! I'm glad you're having a good time with it. I can verify that accident's understanding is correct and second their suggestions. There was an earlier build where plants were protected from being over-eaten by foragers, but it made the plant life a little static; in the current build...
  3. Tom Johnson

    Fish disease

    I really like these suggestions for different ways of indicating disease, thanks for posting them. I'll have to experiment with variants that involve not swimming properly just in case it throws off evolution too much but there is a lot here to work with. Genetic disease is actually a...
  4. Tom Johnson

    Questions About The New Update

    Ha, good news indeed - thanks for updating me. I am quite a night owl myself so it was definitely a possibility
  5. Tom Johnson

    How do i create mating grounds?

    Thank you! I think it's around 1.5GB. Also sorry for the late reply - I try to read all the posts here but sometimes, because of development, I only have time to check in once a week or two. I hope you have (or already had) a good time with the demo
  6. Tom Johnson

    New Update

    Thank you. I worked very hard on the update and tried to take everyone's feedback into account, and it was really heartening to read this post. I'll try to keep it up. :)
  7. Tom Johnson

    Questions About The New Update

    It doesn't yet, so sorry if you've been going back and forth. Eventually I do hope to model the affects of pressure on creatures, and in early testing, it had a pretty substantial effect on them. I'm also hoping to add marine snow and vent communities to help counterbalance the lack of plants...
  8. Tom Johnson

    Major Update for Ecosystem Demo Out Now

    I'm glad to hear that you are starting to see some camouflage! The prey don't specifically flee to cover but that is something I've been thinking about working in. One difficulty is that by the time prey are aware of a predator, they are often so close that just going the opposite direction is...
  9. Tom Johnson

    Fish that can stay in place like hummingbirds

    There is some support for creatures being harder to see in dark places or if they match the foliage, though at the moment their behaviors are quite simple so they are not smart enough to know when to do something like this. Enabling more complex behaviors is definitely on my list but it is...
  10. Tom Johnson

    Increased view range/less water opacity

    Sure, that's an excellent suggestion and a great candidate for an option in the graphics configuration settings. I've made a note of this and hope to add it soon.
  11. Tom Johnson

    More gradual food point income

    I think the (now deleted) post was a spambot that snuck by the filters
  12. Tom Johnson

    Bug with saved creatures appearing as different things seemlingly at random.

    I've seen a few other reports of things going wrong with stored and edited creatures as well. Anything going wrong with saving is very high priority for me, so I will look into this and hopefully have a fix very soon. I appreciate the report and repro steps.
  13. Tom Johnson

    Animal with -5.49 Children

    For technical reasons, creatures can get negative scores during the initial learning phase, and it seems like in this case the display is parsing the values a little too naively. I'll add in a fix; thanks for letting me know!
  14. Tom Johnson

    Wobbly visual effects

    Thank you for the report, and the video especially is extremely helpful. There is a blur effect that gets applied when you change the terrain via the terrain generator at the beginning; it almost looks like it somehow got turned on during normal gameplay. I'll check it out.
  15. Tom Johnson

    Major Update for Ecosystem Demo Out Now

    Thank you, I'm really glad that you liked it! It's a little nerve-wracking to release something after working on it for such a long time so it really helps and is encouraging to read that you had such a good experience. I've also noticed that camouflage is a bit rare. When I first implemented...
  16. Tom Johnson

    What feature are you working on?

    Sorry for not replying to this myself sooner. I was working to get the demo done in time for the Steam Autumn Festival on Wednesday and since the schedule was a little tight I ended up not being able to check the forums here. You may have already seen the announcement but if not I just wanted to...
  17. Tom Johnson

    Will crustaceans crawl along the sea floor or are they going to swim like fish?

    Thank you, I appreciate the compliment. I'm still working on crustaceans so I am not certain yet exactly how they will function; my goal, though, is for them to crawl around on the seafloor. I've done some tests and they were able to crawl but they were pretty slow. I'm hoping that with more...
  18. Tom Johnson

    More gradual food point income

    That's a good idea! I know the lack of food points was a problem for people in the previous version of the demo as well. I had hoped to rework them but didn't quite have enough time before the updated demo was released and so instead I just increased the counts a little. Before the Early Access...
  19. Tom Johnson

    ecosystem on macOS

    Just wanted to add really quickly that I am not 100% certain about the Mac build: I would definitely like to do one, and I don't think it would be too hard (I ported my last game to Mac and Linux) but I can't make any promises quite yet. But I have definitely noted that you and others are...
  20. Tom Johnson

    Shelled animals

    That button was meant as a placeholder for crustaceans, who would crawl along the seafloor (though there is a chance this may not make it into the final game or an early access launch). But I have been thinking of enabling higher level traits (eg bioluminescence or ink clouds) and shells are on...