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  1. TerrificTimmeh

    Christmas Level: Towers Should Give EXP

    Makes sense, hard enough with towers giving XP; might have pulled out hair prior to that.
  2. TerrificTimmeh

    Christmas Level: Towers Should Give EXP

    I just beat the level and I was watching over a section - the funnel spiders give a little XP when they kill an enemy if that helps Mr_Ced
  3. TerrificTimmeh

    youtube channels

    It's been a while I've had quite a hiatus from gaming due to personal circumstances. I have videos up on youtube under TerrificTimmeh - mainly just all the levels on insane challenge modes. Not necessarily for beginners but maybe more high-end strategies.
  4. TerrificTimmeh

    Leafcutter balance feedback and suggestions

    I like the composition. So in my eyes the leafcutters are a tactical army of ants. Minors get the base up and running and then change to a maintenance role. I need ants to help keep the base up to scratch and keep the medeas/majors spawning. At the start they are cheap and aren't a huge...
  5. TerrificTimmeh

    Level 3.2 Insane Difficulty Strategies

    I've also been going out at the end of the night after the final wave and picking off some crabs / spiders for full food. When you push it you can really get a lot of food. One run I ran into 5 crabs fleeing for the night - each crab was 120-180 food right at my base so it was a big boost. It...
  6. TerrificTimmeh

    feedback for game

    You can get around point 1 by having smaller groups of ants and spread across different pheromone markers. When you click it's like each individual ant gets told one by one where to go next so the less ants the marker has to tell the better chance they'll all listen. Otherwise I feel your pain...
  7. TerrificTimmeh

    Tiger beetle larvae stuck on the ground

    No I don't think it is a bug. You can also see it in 2.2 if the larvae spawn too close to the enemy ants path and you leave the larvae there. Very effective at stalling parts of their army when they both come to attack you at the same time because the larvae will kill some of their ants and...
  8. TerrificTimmeh

    Level 3.2 Insane Difficulty Strategies

    Maybe; the leafcutters update was so intense I'm sure we're all a little better for it. My runs do include killing more tiger beetles for a big food gain I don't think I did that before. Avoiding the TBL is key as well as volume of ants to survive the spider waves.
  9. TerrificTimmeh

    Level 3.2 Insane Difficulty Strategies

    Either way I think you've done a great job finding another way to complete the level because it's not easy. Leaves me with something to think about on improving my runs to make them more consistent.
  10. TerrificTimmeh

    Vanilla Ereptors

    The trick is to have numbers. Even if you just beat their forces, wait until your forces regroup before attacking the queen. Camp just inside the entrance of her base when regrouping to keep an eye on the inside of the base and eliminate any single ants still alive that walk near you...
  11. TerrificTimmeh

    Level 3.2 Insane Difficulty Strategies

    Haha yeah it's definitely not an easy strategy to pull off. Might just be my play style - My strategy is actually based on my win from prior to the nerfs to lvl 3.2 but I've noticed it is easier to beat the level now as there are more army ant soldiers later in the game then originally i.m.o...
  12. TerrificTimmeh

    Level 3.2 Insane Difficulty Strategies

    Yeah it's awesome. Was 2.1 Insane challenge mode nerfed? Seemed like less tiger beetle larvae then I remember playing it the other day. But it also makes it more consistent and fun. I love a good challenge but the changes were necessary.
  13. TerrificTimmeh

    Drinking Tea

    Drinking Tea
  14. TerrificTimmeh

    New missions, ants and formicarium challenge 4.

    That would be hard to implement; maybe they could stay in your base near your queen and if you bring your wounded ants back to base they heal them up if that doesn't deviate too much from their real behaviour?
  15. TerrificTimmeh

    Level 3.2 Insane Difficulty Strategies

    I'm glad I posted something; I want to drum up a bit more interest in the level again so that other people can get it done and also to stop peopl getting burned out/re-light interest for those who are a bit burned out. It may require a tune to the army ant bar but SlugDisco would definitely...
  16. TerrificTimmeh

    New missions, ants and formicarium challenge 4.

    That could be very overpowered. You could find yourself no longer churning over resources to spawn ants and may find the gameplay rapidly change. If the ants weren't strong enough to heal a lot then they'd not be worth taking over offensive ants to bolster your numbers. Are there any species...
  17. TerrificTimmeh

    Level 3.2 Insane Difficulty Strategies

    Good afternoon everybody; I've joked around on the forums about this level not needing any balancing but I've looked on youtube and checked other threads on the forum and I haven't seen any other videos/messages of this being completed so I'm assuming we're all still struggling to get this...
  18. TerrificTimmeh

    Another floating leave

    I saw a floating leaf just yesterday - it's extremely rare; I've only seen it happen in one game since the fix update and it was the game where I had 4 adult mantis' shredding my ant army and I think the sheer number of ants being snatched caused one of them not to drop the leaf/maybe the ant...
  19. TerrificTimmeh

    Ants knocked back into unreachable terrain

    Hey, This bug probably isn't very relevant because I've only ever seen it once and only one insect in a very specific way can do it. When doing level 3.2 on insane, I was fighting the adult whip spider just south of the colony entrance. When the adult whip spider did its knockback, one of the...