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  1. Intelligent_Cat

    Found an alpha version saved on my hard drive

    Title. I thought someone here would be interested in seeing how the early days of the game have been. Last time I played the alpha the first levels were near impossible but that was 3 years ago. Ask here or hit me up on Discord at Staz#1012 if you wanna talk about it and get the alpha copy...
  2. Intelligent_Cat

    Suggestion : Mutations

    Shouldn't this be in beetle uprising community?
  3. Intelligent_Cat

    Hi just a person, I'm dad!

    Hi just a person, I'm dad!
  4. Intelligent_Cat

    New mode: Multiplayer

    Well, at least they can make a LAN one after all.
  5. Intelligent_Cat

    New mode: Multiplayer

    I do, I play from Iran which is in Asia.
  6. Intelligent_Cat

    [Achievement idea] Formicarium mission 2.2 Delish fish

    This is actually good, as I never touched those fishes, also they are dangerous to touch for two reasons: 1.Fishes are washed out on the first tide rise in 2.1 2.Other wood ants harvest from the fishes and it might be a danger to take on them.
  7. Intelligent_Cat

    Achievement: "Defensive Food"

    Then the achievement is good to go without a specified difficulty so you can do it in any difficulty if you are concern you can do it, even in insane if somebody could.
  8. Intelligent_Cat

    New mode: Multiplayer

    I know I know, but maybe this suggestion can become a real thing whenever the game is more popular and released and ready to go for these. Although I will suggest this by now, and you can make it later. For now my only thing and basic for this mode is a PVP to kill your opponent's queen. Edit...
  9. Intelligent_Cat

    Achievement: "Defensive Food"

    Alright, then the achievement is right for easy difficulty.
  10. Intelligent_Cat

    [Bug] 0.213 Ant warping through nest entrance side wall

    ohhhhh now noticed the bug, good eyes!
  11. Intelligent_Cat

    [Bug] 0.213 Ant warping through nest entrance side wall

    Didn't notice the bug, maybe my eyes are broken XD
  12. Intelligent_Cat

    [Bug] 0.213 Formicarium mission 2.2 ants stuck on ramp

    Y u spam xd tho that might be a glitch in graphic rendering, or it might be a minor bug
  13. Intelligent_Cat

    Fascinating, an ant colony!

    It seems like an epic ant siege! But in real life.
  14. Intelligent_Cat

    Fascinating, an ant colony!

    An ant colony lives in our house and I today saw them fighting with a small beetle. Though these ants are small, and have many holes in our house XD
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  16. Intelligent_Cat

    The main menu music

    Guess I am gonna listen to that day and night XD because it's actually good I set the song to loop and it's nice and chill and relaxing. Edit:I believe that songs have feelings, and you need a heart to feel them, and this song represents ants as a violin.
  17. Intelligent_Cat

    Achievement Idea: Antmerican Civil War

    Kill 5 of every creature throughout the formicarium missions except whip spider and uber creatures. Creatures killed in formicarium are not counted except the ones thrown by the scientist while in challenge.
  18. Intelligent_Cat

    Achievement idea: Extra-Ordinary Defense

    Kill the big whip spider before fully pushing back the army at night in 3.2