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  1. alayyan23

    I had a dream that tier 5 came out it was so weird.

    I had a dream that tier 5 came out it was so weird.
  2. alayyan23

    Died by jumping

    Look at the trapjaw I know that it did not die by jumping and it died to the venom of my ants and jumped right before it died to venom. but I just thought i will share it.
  3. alayyan23

    Challenge creatures in freeplay

    The entire reason I want this I just want to see every creature possible (I want The tier 3 challenge the most) in my freeplay so why not add the challenge mode creatures in the story to freeplay to pose a challenge to the ants. And it will be better if you will have to beat the First two...
  4. alayyan23

    About the tier 4 challenge

    glad to hear that
  5. alayyan23

    About the tier 4 challenge

    I just wonder how it will work and I am imagining that it will be amazing but i think we forgot about it, If you did not no need to rush.
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  7. alayyan23


    alright I'll try it
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    Any tips on beating the third experiment on hard difficulty? you see, I'm not as talented as you guys.
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    I have save files

    alright thanks
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    I have save files

    I have some old save files and i want to try them in the game but, I have no idea how to do that any help?
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    A question

  12. alayyan23

    A question

    What are your thoughts to the Tier 5 Matabele ants? The video
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    yes, I still play it.

    yes, I still play it.
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    Camera controlls

    thanks it worked
  15. alayyan23

    Camera controlls

    So, I don't know how to use the camera controls in EotU and yes i have looked at the controls that popped on the screen when you press F9 and i still dont get, Help please?
  16. alayyan23

    Traps are broken

    Basicly the traps in the new freeplay level dont open and the smaller ones wont work, just to let you know
  17. alayyan23

    Quantity or Quality

    Just a question for you guys, would you have more ants or few ants that are maxed out?
  18. alayyan23

    Food from queen in freeplay

    Yes, i know killing of a colony gives you so much food and you don't wanna give is too much but... Cant we just make the queen a source of food you did it in the beach levels why not in freeplay
  19. alayyan23

    Cloud save not working (Steam)

    just did :)
  20. alayyan23

    Cloud save not working (Steam)

    I do have a picture but the file is too large