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  1. WaffleGuy

    ворог мого ворога де рівень?

    Є багато рівнів, які з’являються та зникають залежно від вашої поточної дати, наприклад «Голодний павук» (31 жовтня або будь-яка дата повного місяця), «Святковий павук» (31 грудня) та новорічне свято (1 лютого). Якщо ви маєте на увазі додатковий рівень, то нещодавно це була проблема, коли люди...
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    Question about royal jelly upgrades in story mode

    I'm pretty sure he got confused because he thought "physical" damage means basic attack and "venom" damage means ranged attack, I did too, it's kind of confusing. But basically physical damage is the damage done as soon as the shot lands, and venom is the damage done over time after the shot lands.
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    You can use photo mode with F9, just MAKE SURE to read the text that pops up! It doesn't reappear again. If you accidentally close out of it you can also look at the keybinds page in settings.
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    What should the next ant be?

    I'd definitely vote for exploding carpenters. Easily one of the most interesting and strategizable species.
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    New years feast

    Why would you want them to be not on the surface?
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    Whip spiders ignore ants, move to attack queen

    That's not a bug????? Because I swarmed it with like 37 trapjaws and the whip spider just ignored them
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    minin workers not hauling refuse to pile

    True, I should specify what I meant by long term. Basically of course you would want more refuse storage, but what's more worth it is having the refuse go down faster. Because even with all that storage, if refuse still piles up, then you'll eventually have to make new storage anyway. If you...
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    minin workers not hauling refuse to pile

    Upgrading refuse isn't worth it at all. Building more refuse storage will make the refuse go down faster than upgrading, so unless your on a time crunch and don't want to dig tiles, always build more refuse tiles as in the LONG TERM, it will be better.
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    2023 will be better than 2022.

    2023 will be better than 2022.
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    Wiese from Austria

    Welcome to the forums!!
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    Missing exclamation marks

    Turn off realistic mode in the settings.
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    A Bridge Too Far on Insane with Workers Only

    Just today a new record has been set - all aphids on night one but one have been received. The one that was not collected was the southwest and I was barely short of workers. However, this marks a beginning of a path that overcomes the tree frogs on the northeast side of the map. We have...
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    A Bridge Too Far on Insane with Workers Only

    Since the first time day one has been surpassed with 85 ants, thing have been improving. The attack wave is getting easier. My ant count is increasing. Plans are being developed and optimisation is being made constantly, even in runs which aren't directed toward it. The first time I abandoned...
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    Almost to the new year.

    Almost to the new year.
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    A Bridge Too Far on Insane with Workers Only

    With the rediscovery of mantdiflying, the most optimal night one has never been closer. Now above 85 ants can consisently be created by the start of night one thanks to the pinecone, and a swapping up of strategies might create a possible way to get above 90 ants consistently, most optimally 101...
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    A Bridge Too Far on Insane with Workers Only

    Okay so slowly things are meeting the time we have to get the southwest aphids so we don't get overloaded by pine woods tree frogs. I looked into gathering the northwest food before killing the two frubs guarding it and this has been successful, except for the fact that we get short from 100...
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    A Bridge Too Far on Insane with Workers Only

    A new record has just been made, succeeding the last record by nine ants, or 180 food, and it's all because of the northeast pinecone. The problem is that diverting more ants to gather the northeast pinecone is slower and doesn't allow us to collect the grubs and northeast nest food in time, we...
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    A Bridge Too Far on Insane with Workers Only

    Okay, time to get back to this challenge which I have not because parents. I'm rewriting the strategy for night two and day three ahead of time just to make sure I get this info in, and then I'll attempt the challenge again. I'm also going to fully switch to the pinecone rather than collect the...
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    A Bridge Too Far on Insane with Workers Only

    After completing a hard run, things have begun happening for the strategy after day two. For night two, things are looking grim for extra aphids. They might be necessary later on but that's future Incandescent's problem. Other than that though, there is a set of aphids on day three that we...