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  1. accident

    Player creature competition -> pre-made creature selection at start

    I don't know how special it is, but the Whigom has long been the most prolific and adaptable forager in my current ecosystem. With its sleek blue body, twin forward-facing fins, and flattened tail, the Whigom is fast and energy-efficient. Mono breeding patterns allow the species to roam freely...
  2. accident

    Giant Kelp growing on... nothing.

    Are you saying I was quoted twice by... accident? :D *waits awkwardly for laughter* Anyways I don't think this is supposed to happen. Tom has stuck pretty close to the science when it comes to how plants function, and wikipedia is telling me that giant kelp always roots itself to a rocky...
  3. accident

    Giant Kelp growing on... nothing.

    In my current ecosystem I have a large pit connected to a cave system. I seeded it with plant life a long time ago and it has been developing for generations. At some point Giant Kelp moved into the area and quickly took it over. However, many of the seeds it has spread appear to be growing...
  4. accident

    What do you feel are the, max three, most needed features right now?

    I agree with pretty much everything suggested above. My list looks something like this: 1. Improved analytics - as stated above, this is essential to get the most out of the game. Ideally these would allow reporting on both individual species and the ecosystem as a whole. You'd want to be able...
  5. accident

    What does Eco Health do and what does Adaptability do for plants

    I'm still figuring things out too, so I can't give you any definite answers. I will say that re: ecosystem collapse, I've had good results with seeding a large area with plant life prior to spawning any foragers. The spread of the plants will easily give you the life points needed to diversify...
  6. accident

    Are redundant neural pathways retained? And other things I'm pondering.

    I played the demo months ago and found it enthralling, so I was happy to buy the game when it became available on Steam. I'm loving it so far! I've had it running in the background as I work for the past few days and have a couple of questions now that I've sunk (ha!) a few hours into it. 1...