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    New species ideas

    Future gamemode where you can't place any more ants? Do with what ya got.
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    Super cool game!

    This game is amazing and has taught me many things about ants and even got me interested in ants. I watch a lot of ant and bee videos on YouTube, I don't know why it just interests me. This is feedback with a very unlikely suggestion, lol. Like I said, this game is super cool and fun to play...
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    Backers and Beta Backers

    I bought the game on steam... I don't know if that makes me a beta backer/backer but that badge is super cool.
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    House Infiltration Mode

    I know this suggestion is a little far-fetched but I think a new interesting mode for EOTU would be house infiltration. Basically, you have a nest outside of a house and the objective is to grow using supplies found in the house like leftover food, sugar, etc. If you are caught the ant dies...