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    Just to let you know, I'm still here, still eager to help ;-)
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    [S] Screenshot mode

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    [S] Screenshot mode

    I know, I know! It's pure vanity! But I saw those scenes in beta, this zoom in to my queen during cutscene (which, saddly, I still cannot post anywhere:<) and thought how nice would it be to zoom wherever I wish inside the nest (or to the center of current screen) to take a photo. I suppose...
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    What Ctrl shortcut really shows?

    Hi, i just pressed ctrl key by accident and saw that all my tiles display some kind of counter. Does it show how close to destruction the tile is (how used it is), valuable or maybe how much occupied it is (for example how developed a larva is or how full is a store tile)? It is hard to...
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    Enemies destroying player's tiles

    That's nice : ) I'm now struggling with a change of cost of tiles. I just used to the last (very old) system, so I have hard times in switching to the new idea ; ) I really like The NEst map :)
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    Enemies destroying player's tiles

    Hi guys! I started playing the game again and one thought appeared in my mind - will the enemy be allowed to destroy my tiles with larvae/pupae? It could bring a "new value" to longer scenarios than usual ones (if you plan such thing).
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    I'm bringing nthe idea back :) Look what guys from Thing Trunk did a month or so ago: Maybe there is a chance to do the same with your game...
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    Ant Keepers United

    And that only applies to unexperienced ant keepers for whom they might cause problems (like searching for pupae of a proper host or adoption of old workers of that host). After gaining some skills and knowledge (or buying released game) parasitic ants can be kept as well ;) I can't also fully...
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    Mid-week Progress Post: Wood ant icons

    I've just received an e-mail with the latest Kickstarter update. Guys.. I might be overreacting but.. isn't the gif too suggestive? :D Especially that ant to the left :P Dirty.. nest Maybe do a green, rather toxic particle effect? :DOtherwise I would be not able to play it because of constant...
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    [STEAM] Launching the game from folder does not require logging in

    When I use shortcut created by the Steam on my desktop, the game requires me to log into my account on steam, but when I boot the game directly from my Steam folder when the Steam is not working the game does not prompt to log into Steam. It appears that I'm probably able to share my backer...
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    Screen Shot Saturday - Formica fusca

    Poor fusca.. one of the best hosts for other parasitic Formicas, and Formica ereptor of course.
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    Screen Shot Saturday - Shapes and Sizes of the Wood Ant

    F. rufa is polymorphic but it is not that distinctive as Serafine said. There are a few kinds of polymorphism (I will try to translate): 1-phase allometry -Camponotus castaneus, 2-phases allometry -Atta texana, and three-phases allometry- Oceophylla smaragdina, total dimorphism - Pheidole...
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    Scenario taken just from life

    Hi all! After reading some threads on Steam I discovered which scenario I would like to play the most - the very long one and similar to the "ant cycle" in nature. I wrote the thread on Steam, but I will copy it also here :) ============================================== I would like to see a...
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    Maps with multiple colonies

    Yay! ;D
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    Maps with multiple colonies

    Hi devs! I wonder if there will be maps in your plans that will have multiple ant colonies which would fight each other. Does the AI support such idea? :)
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    Screen Shot Saturday - Beach Wolf Spider

    .. or dinosaurs :3
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    About those blue ants in the demo video

    Thank you :) There are games which help players with colorblindness. Switches in Options enable or disable filters for different kinds of this defect, however I never saw such thing in Unreal games. I have no idea if Epic supports this feature.
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    About those blue ants in the demo video

    Was there any demo video? I missed it! :O what about Rythidoponera metallica? :D it's a green-blue ant
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    Screen Shot Saturday - Beach Wolf Spider

    Nooo.. not spiders.. nooo... :'(