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    Epic achievements

    No, I'm on PC. I also did the usual stuff like verify game integrity.
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    Epic achievements

    Not working for me. I tried deleting the app data progress but still have the same issue. After beating the first level, the in-game achievements are grey, nothing unlocks.
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    Epic achievements

    Hello! The achievements are not working at all in the Epic store version, even the in game ones are still showing as grey in the menu after completion. Can this be fixed or can I change my Epic copy for a Steam/GoG version? Thanks
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    Epic Achievements

    Hi! Could you guys fix achievements on Epic store? There's only achievements for the first 2 missions, and they're not even working. There's some token that needs to be refreshed every 30 mins on epic + it looks like the achievements don't even show up in epic launcher afterwards. Thanks!