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  1. Redmoth27

    Screenshot Saturday - Eastern Newt

    Coming back, It's such a surprise to see reptiles and amphibians now in the game.
  2. Redmoth27

    Pirate much? (non-serious)

    I remember when I suggested that back in the day
  3. Redmoth27

    Questions for Mike

    Hey, Mike, I'm planning of getting a job as a forum moderator. Of course not on this forum but I was wondering if you know any sites that post job listings for mods?
  4. Redmoth27

    Are Stigmatomma Pallipes queens semi-claustral on claustral?

    I’ve found a Dracula ant queen and I’m not sure if they are or not. I can’t seem to find anything on it. Do any of you guys know?
  5. Redmoth27

    The world war of ants

    This is a great opportunity to tell people about this game. If anyone says they had an ant RTS than just point to Empires of the Undergrowth.
  6. Redmoth27

    Feeder Colony Bottlenecking

    That's a Good Idea
  7. Redmoth27

    Feeder Colony Bottlenecking

    @MedinBurnic and @MikeSlugDisco I beg to differ:
  8. Redmoth27

    Multiple queens?

    Maybe having a second queen could be an upgrade in the upgrade tree. Some ideas for its abilities are for it to give a buff to soldiers, generate royal jelly and territory depending on your score, have it go into battle and fight like a parasitic queen and she only respawns when the challenge is...
  9. Redmoth27

    Feeder Colony Bottlenecking

    There's a glitch on the first challenge. If you were to put a pheromone marker away from your nest during the nonstop attacks (specifically near the trail), and then put the pheromone marker in the nest; There will be a small group of ants not going to the pheromone (Because the feeder soldiers...
  10. Redmoth27

    Cloud Save

    Ok Mike
  11. Redmoth27

    Cloud Save

    Hi everyone I’m finally back! :D While I was gone my computer was getting screwed up, because someone was hacking into it. so I had to do a restore, and when I redowloaded and booted up EotU all my progress was lost. This really pissed me off as you would expect. And I’m worrying that an...
  12. Redmoth27

    Formica Sanguinea Species Mixing

    Do they do anything besides taking care and caring back the brood?
  13. Redmoth27


    I find simulation theory bullshit because why would an alien or something else make a simulation of us to learn things that they already know?
  14. Redmoth27


    I never thought that much about philosophy that much. Probably because that "The Entire worlds a simulation, everything is simulated!" turned my off. Ill look more into it
  15. Redmoth27

    Screen Shot Saturday - The Praying Mantis

    Ah mantis! Now this is Undergrowth Warfare
  16. Redmoth27

    New Ants

    They should have another level with Formica sanguinea
  17. Redmoth27

    September / October 2018 Newsletter

    You should reorganize the terms of Service. Make it into nice little paragraphs like Patreon, and don't clump it up together.
  18. Redmoth27

    Screen Shot Saturday - Trapjaws

    Sound very fun. This is a bit off topic but I think the ants should make sounds, because in real life ants rub their faster against their back leg to make a high pitch noise to communicate.
  19. Redmoth27

    My Feedback on the New Update

    We need to balance spitters, there the only option on freeplay.
  20. Redmoth27

    Pesky cobweb

    Maybe you should put it into a tutorial so we can get it and know what to do