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  1. googawawa

    "+X food" or "inf. food" cheat

    You're right. Huh.
  2. googawawa

    "+X food" or "inf. food" cheat

    It's not free. "Only for pro members. Upgrade now."
  3. googawawa

    "+X food" or "inf. food" cheat

    I looked into that before making the thread, but any cheat for this game requires a paid subscription. There are no other trainers for this, and the CheatEngine thread about this game requires too much advanced knowledge to make a cheat for myself.
  4. googawawa

    A Sort of 'Creative Mode' for Completed Levels

    I suggested a food cheat. Same effect.
  5. googawawa

    "+X food" or "inf. food" cheat

    I'm the kind of RTS player that likes to turtle against the AI and chill. I used to play "Surrounded" a lot but after some update the second difficulty became too hard and the easiest too easy. Simply put, I'd like a food cheat to be implemented, preferably the "+x food" kind instead of...
  6. googawawa


    I've been following this game for a long time. Played a bunch of demo and alpha versions and finally bought the EA on Steam last year. I joined to suggest single player cheats (+x food) but I guess I'll hang around too.